Law: Blatant Copying

January 30, 2008

No not me talking about how I plan to try and get through Securities Regulation (if I stay in the class).  Today’s post is going to be me copying from a half dozen other blogs today and posting the best benchslap I have seen in a while.  This slap comes in the form of a District Court Judge creating a top ten list mocking the Supreme Court.  The list appears here and may be further proof that I’m a huge dork.  Either way, when a District Court judge takes aim at the Supreme Court, its work passing along.


Law: Firm Reception Update

January 30, 2008

Another week, another round of firm receptions.  This evening featured a double header of firms that decided not to give out rush gifts firm logoed gifts. 

We started with a firm that is not in Chicago, but is in D.C.  The reception was at a place I have never been to with a style of food I have never had.  For lack of another term, I’m going to call the food fusian asian.  Things like Teriaki Chicken with mint chili sauce, dumplings with unusual busy tasty dipping sauces, and tuna sippers were common.  Open bar with no obvious limit was a nice perk, I was going with the Johnny Walker mid-labels.  I met an interesting partner that practices in a practice group I find really interested, we chatted a bit then it was time for speeches, at which point we grabbed our coats from the coat check and headed to the next place.

At place number 2, we had french finger food and wine only.  I went with white which was some low end dry wine.  Thanks to the JW earlier, it wasn’t a factor.  The food was interesting and included crab cakes, really solid beef cubes, bacon wrapped scallops, BBQ chicken squares, garlic butter shrimp (yum) and a few things I passed on.  Met one partner from NY that wasn’t bad, could have snagged an after reception invite but passed, then chatted with an energetic political junkie for a while until it was time to leave.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to catch the eye of the Chicago rep, but alas, the firm has already said “thanks but no thanks for this year” and I don’t think I want to land there next year, so perhaps it isn’t for the worst.  Plus at this point, i was semi buzzed.

 Up next this week, a couple of new places and an old stand-by.

Law: I Need To Go Skate

January 28, 2008

The ice rink in the quad has been teasing me.  I really need to get out there and skate!

At least a litte time on the rink will take my mind off of my not so successful thus-far job search.  Even the job at the botique I wanted to work for hasn’t called.


 Ice Rink

Sometimes reality is more interesting than anything on television.  That’s one of the reasons I almost exclusively read non-fiction.  While reading the news today I came across two stories that I felt deserve being spread around.  Please note neither of these have much to do with law school or med school.

The first is this article about kinky sex gone wrong.  Every once and a while a story of a bondage session going bad comes up, but that usually involves beating or suffocation.  This one is unique in that it involves electrocution.  Not particularly my bad, but hey, to each their own I suppose. 

The second article is about what can happen when high school is joined with the wonders of technology – Cell Phone photo sharing.  The article appears here and is slightly more legal.  Although I know the prosecutor has good intentions, it seems like this arbitrary use of power is miguided.  How can you really threaten students with prosecution for possession of child pornography but not also threaten the girls that origionally created/distibuted it (the so called “pornstars”).  I don’t know about you, but nothing fun like this ever happened at Kurzman and I’s high school.  Sure there are a few people that have since been rumored to have at least taken a few steps into careers as strippers at a local club or internet pornstars, but nothing like this while I was in school.  I remember a couple of “wow” sexual rumors, but none ever had the pictures to go along with the story.  As a relatd query, clearly the reputations of the girls involved has been ruined, but what about the guys?  Is this a positive or negative? 

Kurzman may or may not be fresh off a return to high school lane (nothing dirty people, keep your mind out of th gutter), perhaps he has thoughts?

For those of you that are more into the medical school side of things, or that read this in a general way, I appologize for this post.  What follows is very much a law student, geek-tastic post of things I have seen, heard, read, etc. while I was in school.  These are all things that only a law student could possibly find funny.

1.  A professor saying something along the lines of:  “I don’t like humor in exams, although I would appeciate if you could work in a But See, Marbury v. Madison.”

2.  You know this case doesn’t matter too much because Posner and Easterbrook disagree and lovers only have spats over small things, no major fights.

3. Having a Supreme Court Oral Argument without Justice Thomas is like playing golf without your baseball bat, nobody would even notice.

4.  “Tompkins just had to experience it, we have to understand what the case means, I think he got the less painful end of the deal .”

5.  What do you get when you mix Palsgraf with Carroll Towing?  Um….. An exploding train on a boat?  Sorry, I ment what do you get when you mix Palsgraf with (some random but for jurisdiction case), oh…. one rule that makes sense, and a case about exploding fireworks.

6.  This is what you get when you mix Justice Ginsburg with Justice Rehnquist.  Justice Kennedy with better writing skills, where?

7.  Calder v. Bull, proving for all time that legislatures in Connecticut have WAY to much free time.

8.  Can anybody tell me what makes these two personal jurisdiction cases different from one another?  one got a majority and the other didn’t?  Ya, thats about the best I can figure out too. (Two friends trying to sudy)

 Yeah, nerd-tastic

Law: Class Impressions

January 24, 2008

I said earlier that I would post reviews of my classes.  So far we have had 3 of our five classes and so far I’m not sure what to think.


Well…. its contracts, which means its going to be boring, technical, and diffcult.  Our prof seems to really like to lecture (although that might just be him easing us into the first part of the class).  He is almost certainly a law and econ guy which I appeciate but I am not sure how things will go.  I find myself struggling to organize my notes in a form that makes sense to me, hopefully this problem will work itself out as the semester progresses (and before it gets too late).  Today I kind of zoned out, so I’m not sure what to think.  I’ll update you on this class as time goes on.


Man this guy is HYPER.  He talks a mile a minute and is from the Elizabeth Warren school of cold calling on a dozen or so people a class.  The good news is that you get off the spot fairly quickly.  The bad news is you have to be ready every day.  Thankfully for me, I already know what textualism was, so I was able to follow the first lecture.  I have NO IDEA how his “fast paced” style will work when he has to start communicating more complex legal ideas.  This one could go either way.

International Econ Law

Prof seems like this could be a solid class.  By HLS standards, she is young and cute for faculty, which makes her easier to pay attention to.  She metioned Indy records in class which demonstrates that he has some idea of student culture, and she seemed like a nice person.  Its too early to tell on this one also, though I know I dislike a handful of my classmates already.  Also, because this is an Econ class, I think there will be a large percentage of gunners…. we’ll see

Thats all so far.  I’ll let you know about Securities Litigation and Legal Writing (perhaps) after I exerience them.  It will be interesting to see how my perspective on things changes.

Also, I think that Kurzman’s post about having a skull at home is a nice example of how different our experiences are.  It is definately one of those “wow I’m odd” moments when you realize you are fine with a human skull chillin in your room. As odd as it is to find yourself picking apart statements in your head, there is definately not anything nearly as close to a “man I’m different than everybody” moment in law school.  I mean, nobody is gonna call me out as being wierd because I notice logic flaws in my head or have an annoying tendency to compare things I experience in life to cases I read about. 

The moral?

Law school just makes u seem annoying.  Med School makes people seem “different.”

OK. In hindsight, perhaps I should have realized that my roommate would be weirded out by the fact that I have a human skull in the apartment right now.

I’m not talking about a cute little plastic model–it’s the real thing: loose teeth and all. I guess I’m just programmed to not think about these kinds of things anymore; after all, I spend 2 hours every Tuesday/Thursday in the anatomy lab dissecting a human cadaver. So imagine my surprise as the following conversation ensued hours ago with my roommate, having just returned from a trip to vegas.

Cow: Hey Kurzman, how you been focker?

KurzMan: Pretty good–just the usual med school grind. How was vegas?

Cow: It’s pretty nice…what the heck’s in that weird box?

Kurz: By my desk? A human skull and a couple of vertebrae.

Cow: You’ve gotta be shitting me.

Kurz: Nah, check it out. Open it up.

:::Opens box:::

Cow: WHAT THE FUCK! That’s messed up dude–they gave you skull models?

Kurz: Umm, I mean…kinda. It’s not really a model–it’s the real thing.

::::Shuts box::::

Cow: OK, I’ll talk to you later.

Sure, “normal” people aren’t used to seeing things like human skulls laying around in an apartment. But what was he expecting living with a medical student?

Law: Round 1

January 22, 2008

Today was the start of 1L firm reception season.  Today featured a duo of French restaurants in Cambridge.  The first place was solid:  not too many people, solid food (beef tenderloin, new potatos and a fantastic dissert selection.)

The first itself was solid, a large scale lit based shop.  The people I met at the reception were also solid, unfortunatly, the firm is in a bunch of locations I have no desire to work in, but still, the food was solid.   The major drawback:  only beer and wine, no hard liquor.

There are two more tomorrow I’ll update after.  Additionally, at some point I’ll have an update of my classes for the semester.

Law: My Int’l Class

January 22, 2008

I’m sitting in my Int’l Law elective, and it is already clear – this class if full of Dbag tools. So far we have had four people talk.  One girl was just getting the prof to move on from an awkward “I’m waiting for somebody to answer somebody please talks,” moment.  I was fine with that.  Everybody else however has been a Dbag.  One guy asked a not very insightful question about foreign held debt that had nothing to do with the point the professor was making and had a strong smell of “I’m trying to demonstrate I’m aware of something that isn’t that impressive but I think is”.  Another kid spoke up twice and said generally pointless things in an annoying but cocky way.  Finally, a kid used the dreaded “is there any research about X” and said something I found to be silly and not intelligent. 

As a general rule, if you are asking “is there any research about X” UNMPROMPTED, your question should have been asked one on one after class, not on my time.  If a professor prompts summary discussion about a topic, feel free, otherwise, wait until the end of class. 

We are 1.5 hours into the class and I have identified 2 clear Dbags and 1 gunner.  It could be a long long semester in this class.

Law: Back to the Grind

January 22, 2008

Today was the first day of Spring semester, which means yesterday was the first day of spring semester reading.  In case I forgot over Winter Break, the verdict is in, reading is still a suckfest.

Today is yet anther busy day at the office.  My schedule for the day looks like this:

Class till 11:30, lunch till 1, class till 3, exercise till 5, shower and change, firm reception 6-8, read for tomorrow’s classes, shower, sleep.

Tons of fun huh?

Anyway, one short story to retell that I had to laugha little bit about on the inside.  I’m sitting down in my non-assigned seat (a temporary break from the elementry school treatment) when the prof for my Contract’s class walks in.  He is walking down the aisle, when he bumps into a student.  That student is none other than AD.  Class hasn’t started and already AD is getting in the profs way, hilarious.

No word on the job search for any of you that were wondering.  Hopefully I’ll be employed at some point, but as of now, its not looking so hot.