Med: Studying? HA!

January 2, 2008

I feel for Clegal right now. Unlike his winter break during which he’s had to study for finals, I have been in COMPLETE relaxation mode. To my readers, this also meant that I was not updating my blog. My apologies. But I really wanted to detach myself from anything “medicine” for a few weeks.

So before my next post, which will preview the Spring 08 M1 semester at UIC (Translation: Hell on Earth), I want to instead dwell on the activities of my winter break. It can pretty much be summed up with the following: Family, PS3, Reading, & Movies.

Yea, I own a PS3 now. After the hell that was the fall anatomy exam, I decided to pamper myself with an HDTV and a PS3. In hindsight, I suppose I could say that was a poor life decision–as in, I probably shouldn’t be spending my free time playing Rock Band with my roommate. But videogames have been one of my primary chill-out/relax/waste-time activities since I was about 4, so I figured why not?

Plus it has a built-in Blu-ray movie player, which makes my addiction to owning and watching movies even worse–now they’re in HD! So far it’s been a lot of 300, Harry Potter, and the Planet Earth BBC documentary. Coupled with Cow’s surround system, and we have a hell of a little mini theater in our apartment. It’s been marvelous.

Break has also brought its own share of visitors. Right after Christmas (back home in the burbs), my youngest brother came to stay with me at the apartment. It was basically a mini-vacation for him, allowing him to take a few days off of wrestling to just chill, watch movies, and play games. You know…get a taste of my winter break life. A few days later, a close friend of mine from Duke came in for New Years and we had a great time. We ended up at a party with a whole lot of people we didn’t know (party hosted by a med school friend and her consultant boyfriend), but it was a GREAT time–it was a really good group of people. He just left yesterday, so now I’m back on my own.

Which begs the question, “Now what?” Break is quickly coming to a close (classes start on Monday), and part of me knows that it’s time to get back into “real-world Kurz” mode. But it’s so hard when this completely relaxed and non-realistic winter vacation has just been so wonderful.

But alas, my neuroanatomy workbook is staring a hole through me. I think I’m going to crack it open today.


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