Law: Wrapping Up

January 3, 2008

My time at home is beginning to wrap up.  That means that I have spent more time today running last minute errands and packing than I have doing the things I shuld have been doing (studing and exercising).   I am also faced with the problem of working out my schedule for the rest of break.  I will pose my situation to all of you for your judgment.

I have seen too many case briefs.  Because I am tired of reading my own case briefs, I have forced you all to suffer through it by posting my blog for today as a case brief. Enjoy.


1.  My flight leaves Friday a 6:30 AM (assuming it leaves on time, which is a big assumption right now)

2. I live about 50 minutes away from O’Hare

3. I rarely go to bed before 2 AM

4. My final is Saturday at 9 AM

5. It is a 2.5 hour flight from home to school

6. I still need to do a large amount of studying for finals

 Issue:  How should I go about my sleeping/studying schedule these next few days before finals?

Holding:  I hae decided to attempt to sneak in as much or little sleep as I can Thursday evening, then attempt to get supplemental sleep on the plane. 

Reasoning:  I figure if I can pick up 3-4 hours of sleep at home, then 1.5 on the plane, that puts me at 5.5 which isn’t good but isn’t terrible.  Assuming that I get to school around noon, I can put in five hours of studying or so for my Saturday final, grab some dinner, stay awake for the three hours I need after I eat, then go to bed(ideally) before 10 and be tired enough to actually fall asleep at 9 PM home time.  Thn I’ll wake up for my final and take it.

Dissent 1:  I should just stay up all night and study, then go to the airport, and fly to school (Sleeping on the plane) go to my dorm, and sleep some more, waking up around 10 PM or so.  Study from 10 PM until my final, take the final, and then go to sleep. 

Dissent 2:  Man up, go all day Friday on little sleep and hope for the best.

Dissent 3:  Short nap friday, then sleep at a normal time and take the exam on 6 or so hours of sleep. 


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