Law: The Eve of Finals

January 4, 2008

Tomorrow is final exam #1 which is also the final I have spent the most time prepaing for.  I am committed to hoping for the best and officially closed out my studying about 40 minutes ago.  I tried to learn a little about everything, but my studying focused on the areas that I felt were most likely to be tested in detail.  To that effect, I have focused on the following:

1.  Subject Matter Jurisdiction

2.  Personal Jurisdiction

3.  Class Action

4.  Third party practice

5.  Supplemental Jurisdiction

6. Res Judicata/Collateral Estoppel

7.  Erie and its friends

Hopefully this approach represents an intelligent method of studying.  I’ll let you know tomorrow in between my final, exercising, and the gloriousness that is starting to study for Property or Crim (not sure what I’m going to do).


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