Law: Issue Spotter? Not So Much.

January 5, 2008

Today was our first final, Civil Procedure.  Remember that list of topics I thought would be covered?  Ya, not so much.  I opened the exam and it turns out there was a grand total of NO issues from the list of things I thought would be discussed featured on the exam.  Instead we had an exam with two questions.  One was a semi-issue spotter.  I say semi because it wasn’t full of issues, but it was laid out like a traditional issue spotter.  The other question was a heavy policy/theory question.

Additionally, on the final exam, I ended up coming out in ways that, after further review, I think are exactly wrong, although I do think I touched on most of the big issues and some of the smaller ones.  The major topics the exam covered were:

Conflict of law



maybe an itty bitty bit of erie, but I don’t think so


interloc-whatever appeal or somethign similar)


abstention doctrine

 I actually had a really embarassing moment where I failed to talk about a case that was MENTIONED IN THE QUESTION.  Ooops.

The theory based discussion was basically like  “talk about some times that the court could exercise jurisdiction but doesn’t.”  Now talk some about policies.  Now talk about class action, should they not have to certify. 

I’m kicking myself cause I identified this as bullshit and didn’t think to foce theory into it, instead I just bullshitted.  I stopped thinking and as a result missed one of the bigger points (federalism… ya huge nice job dumbass).


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