Law: Ding! Round Two

January 9, 2008

So for some reason, despite (or perhas because of ) the fact that I am in the middle of finals, it looks like I’m going to have to hold down Malpractice since Kurzman is doing…. who knows. 

Anyway, after the unmitigated disaster that was my first final (can you say reached wrong conclusions cause it took me too long to realize what was going on, then I tried to back peddle into the right issues) its time for another crack.

I have no idea how I feel about this one.  We have three hours.  If the facts aren’t tooo tortured, I feel like I can lean on my outlines and still make time but who knows.  The test format is as follows:

Part I – Short answer, some objective questions, some unsettled points, basically breadth of coverage

Part II – A more open wide ranging essay where she said we will have some choice and ability to “show off”.

Part III -An essay about constitutional law of property

All three parts are weighted the same.  My plan is as follows:

Crank out the First part as fast as I can and hope to build up a little time (mabye ten extra minutes if things go perfectly) so that I can take longer on the rest.  If I go over, that blows but that is how the game is played.  Ideally I’ll do well on this part and set a good tone, outline will be leaned on heavily here.

Go to the Con Law of Property question and sketch out something resembling an answer to the question.  This should use up all extra time and dip into the remaining time, but since we all know this question is coming, it seems necessary to have a good answer prepared.

Middle Part – get through it, try to say something intelligent.  I am approaching this last because to me “Free ranging” means “full of BS” which is the easiest thing to do on short time. 

Hopefully it goes well.  I want to spend some more time going over basic principles to try and get a grasp that may help me move quicker through the material.  Additionally, I figure that doing this might give me a better wholistic understanding which will help with question two.

As for question three, it will be REALLY fact sensitive so the whole idea is just know the cases and how they fit together.

 I’ll let you know.


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