Med: Punch to the groin

January 9, 2008

For the first semester, UIC did a nice job of “coddling” us into our med school life–we started by only taking two courses, and they gradually moved us into the full schedule. The same is most definitely NOT true for the 2nd semester. Coupling this fact with much harder course material, and we have ourselves a definite impending shitshow.

OK. Maybe it’s too early in the semester to be seriously concerned–but that’s where I’m at. Yesterday–day 2 of the semester–was a 6+ hour day of lectures, and I was having trouble following a majority of it. What’s more, our anatomy professor went a FULL HOUR over his allotted time–turning a 2 hour lecture into 3. Granted, this is nothing new–he always went over–but I can’t remember it ever going this far over. And this was our FIRST anatomy lecture. Bad omen.

I’ve also decided to experiment with something I haven’t done in a while–during school (while attending classes) at least–full nights of sleep. The results are a mixed bag: it’s been much easier to get up in the morning, but I can’t really say that it’s helped me stay awake in some of the more boring lectures. And because of the fact that I’m kinda freaking out about all of the work, I feel that pretty soon I’m not going to think passing out at 11 or 12 to get a full 8 hours is appropriate.

Like I said–maybe I’m overreacting. But having the “there aren’t enough hours in the day” feeling after only the SECOND DAY of classes (in what the second years have already told us is a “hell semester”) does not bode well.

Yet here I am blogging. Clegal-guilt trip= great success. 🙂


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