Law: Torting

January 10, 2008

So between my Property Exam and now I have essentially done one thing:  Try to teach myself torts.  Why are you teaching yourself torts when you go to what is supposed to be a good school you ask?

No, not because my professor didn’t teach it to us, he did.

No, not because torts is super complicated and beyond understandining in class (its not)

So why?  Well, there are a variety of answers, including:

1. It was 8:30 AM

2. I didn’t go all that often once the due date for the memo got close

3.  When I did go, I spend more than a little time playing around on the internet (it was 8:30 and I needed my lexus/westlaw points for the day)

4.  It was torts…. it didn’t seem complicated till I pushed back and took a big picture look at the class

So here I sit having spent 14 hours or so trying to outline a course that I didn’t really get.  I’ll spend more time tomorrow reading that Torts Hornbook that everybody and their mother uses to try and get one lack big picture crack.

Without seeing any final, I feel like I understand the broad strokes of torts, but after looking at some of his old finals and realizing how specific and detailed (rather than the issue-riffic generic practice exams I looked at from commercial sources) I am reasonably convinced that this exam is going to be hit or miss. 

My old professors exam questions fall into one of three categories:

1.  Multiple choice (ya thats right) and I dont mean norma multiple choice, I mean detailed and tough, full paragraph long select a complex answer from five style multiple choice.

2. Short answer objective-ish but complicated

3.  Traditional Torts style issue spotter.

I have yet to see a three hour exam from him, so I don’t actually know how this one will look, but I’m guessing not that different from the 3.5 hour exam which… took me more than 3.5 hours….. by a lot.

 I’ll let you know how it goes.  My one concern with this exam is that the presense of multiple choice makes it pretty tough to feel truely comfortable in any performance, after all, botch up a few multiple choice questions and you could land in “C-Land” faster than you can turn around.

 I’ll let you know how it goes.


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