Law: Tort Redux

January 12, 2008

Today was a day full of unhappy suprises. 

First, I made the brilliant decision to check my mailbox before I went to my tort exam.  Nice job genius.  In there was a letter from one of the firms I interviewed with while I was hope.  Now as everybody knows, good job news does not come by letter.  Sure enough, another ding notice (my first “thanks for interviewing, but DING” notice).  So the day started off great.

 I spent a few more hours “studying” (read:  above the law reading) and then went to take my tort final.  When I got there, I read the board only to find out that he final that was SUPPOSED to be three hours was now 3.5 hours.  Thanks buddy, appreciate it. 

3.5 hours and a sore pooper later, I was done with the final, thankfully.  I have no idea how to judge how well I did.  I pulled a lot of issues, and likely missed a lot of issues.  The last question had a huge whiff of strict liability, but I made what may have been a big strategic mistake by not addressing it throughly and only saying “it was altered, thus, no strict liability). 

We Shall See.

And now, on to Crim Law.  By the way, if any of you know anybody at a law firm/GC’s office looking to hire a 1L from a top tier law school, lemmie know, I’d be happy to interview.  Boy I can’t wait to be a student that is four months older than I will be when I would start working but has to fight off job offers 2L so I hopefully won’t haveto worry about this finding a job garbag.  Oh 2L… when the firms come to you.


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