Law: Pledge-tastic

January 14, 2008

As some of you may or may not remember, about three months ago I made a post comparing law school to my experience and observations in greek life.  For those of you that don’t remember, that post can be found here.  I received mixed feedback on that one, everything from “you crack me up” to “dude, thats not what greek life is like and as a past IFC president you should know that.”  As I said before, to the people in the later came, lighten up.  Shortly after that post, I did another point, again using greek life as a comparison.  This time it was Rush and the journal recruitment fest, a post that you can read here. 

Last night, as I took in the joy of the end of I week finals, I started to think, “man, that was a lot like being a pledge.”  Of course as soon as I think something like that, it pretty much requires me to do a blog post about it.

When I started law school, I knew it wouldn’t be easy, but I figured it would be doable.  Just like when I first joined my fraternity, they started with lots of fun, games, and positivity (if thats a word).  BBQ’s and free booze galore, a lot like the first few nights of being in a fraternity.  It was like a week long celebration of how awsome we thing we are.

Now for the Greeks reading, lemmie ask if this sounds framiliar:  Start with some fun and booze, then pile up tasks that, although they will seem easy compared to what will be done later, seem like a gigantic mountain to climb.  Keep telling them that it will be worth it, that everybody has to go through being a pledge at some point, and talk about how you will remember your class for the rest of your life.  More tasks of exceeding difficulty, culminating in a week that nobody really wants to experiene again, fill that last week with stress, rank their performance over the course of the semester at the end (girls prolly cant relate to this) and finish it with lots of relief and drinking…… hmmm, which one am I talking about again?

I’m not going to spend too much time comparing finals week and I-Week, thats another post, but seriously, this semesterand my pledge semester are about the same.  Being a 1L gets you somewhat looked down on by older students and they certainly give you some sympathy.  This is about what it ws like when I was a pledge.  “You’re a 1L, you don’t know anything.”  “You’re a pledge, what do you know?”  I still remember my pledge class, and I’m sure Ill remember my section mates.  That first day that we had full assignments in every class seemed pretty undoable, just like the first stupid task I had to do as a pledge, but when I look back, two cases per class seems like nothing, and so does (Deleted) which was my first pledge activity. 

We, and most fraternities, had our pledges learn lots of crap that they would never really need to know, along with a few important things.  We said it the process would make change them (build better men) and prepare them to be brothers.  Well, law school definately changed the way I view certain things (though I wouldn’t always say for the better) and perhaps it made me more ready to be a lawyer.  I definately learned a few useful things, but (just like when I was a pledge) I’m not sure how to sort the useful stuff from the crap they gave us as filler to teach us what fraternity means how to think like lawyers.   

As I look back, I feel relieved, I feel like I completed something that was difficult but worth it.  Unfortunately, unlike being a pledge, this 1L crap continues for another whole semester. 

Thats all for now, perhaps later I’ll do I-Week and Finals week.  I’m heading to the airport and in a few hours I will do what most of you know is one of my least favorite things in the world…. fly home.  Enjoy everybody, I hope to talk to you from the other side!


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