Law: Top Ten 1L Semester Moments…. For Now

January 14, 2008

I love top ten lists.  I always have.  I’m not really sure why, something about a bunch of things grouped around a common thread just…. interests me.  Ya, I know, sad.  Anyway, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m going back and forth between cleaning my room and catching up on posting (and/or posting a bunch so I don’t feel bad if I miss a few days this week). 

Without Further……… Jibber Jabber, here is my top ten “Things I’ll Remember About Law School” List…..

10.  Slippery Slope, REGINA!!!!  I need to clarify something.  I mock people that go to school often.  They are a lot different than the people I went to undergrad with.  They are, collectively,  lot different than the general population, but there are some really fun people in my section.  There are some people in my section that I really like because they are a lot like the people I hung out with in undergrad.  There are some people in my section I like because of their quirks, and there are some people I don’t like.  Anyway, the first week at school we had a get together at our section leader’s house.  It was a pretty good time.  A few of us (me included) got drunk.  As we searched for a bar I had never heard of, I had my first “lets talk about class in a way that is funny” moment as one of the people in our section I enjoy hanging out with walked the whole way there yelling “Slippery Slope, REGINA!!!!!” (pronouncing it like vagina, with an r).

9.  “AD” Rushes the Prof.  In the interest of not offending my classmates or giving them away, I’m going to use made up initials to refer to people.  Obviously there will be some logic to the initials, but I’ll leave that for you all to figure out.  Anyway, during a review session that had gone on a little too long, “AD” was tired of sitting.  When there was a break that he thought was the end he bounded down the stairs and it looked like he was charging the professor.  It was hilarioius.  Then he found out we weren’t done….. it looked like he just saw somebody run over his puppy, he was so sad.

8.  Dinner With the Dean.  Not all of my memories from the semester are funny.  When you pay $5609840698436509856 a year to go to a school that is supposed to be good, sometimes the little serious things are important.  This was one of those times.  We went into the coolest room in the school (in my opinion) ate blah food and drank free alcohol.  The Dean made fun of our teachers and it was a good time.  More importantly, Civ Pro got shortened by five minutes for the rest of the semester after this day.

7.  Can You Think of a Shorter and Perhaps More Accurate Answer Than Yes?  After being asked a yes or no question and answering “yes” Danny M.P.C., in the most Paper Chase moment of the semester (so basically, we didn’t have a very paper chase-ish semester) looked straight at her and said “can you think of a shorter and perhaps more accurate answer?”  Laughter insued.

6.  “Crazy Love” Torts is full of crazy cases of people doing crappy things to other people.  In a sick way, this makes the class interesting.  In my opinion, the most memorable case was one where a well known NY lawyer wanted to date a then pretty girl.  She ignored his advances several times.  She called the cops and asked for protection because she feared he would do something bad to her.  He had someone throw Lye (i think?) on her face permenantly screwing up her face.  What makes this so memorable in a string of odd cases?  She ends up marrying him.  Thats right folks. Married.  How can you forget something messed up like that?

5.  The Day the Kid That Sits Next To Me In Civ Showed Up On Time.  Our Civ Pro room was small.  Very small.  So small, that if you are fat like me, it would be tough for somebody to climb around you to get to their seat.  I sat on the end.  The kid that sat next to me was PHYSICALLY INCAPABLE of getting to class on time.  Every day, about five minutes into the lecture, just as it was getting interesting, this guy would FINALLY show up.  I’d have to stand in the aisle and wait for him to get past.  Then, ONE DAY he finally showed up on time. In the whole semester, three days a week for 14 weeks, he made it on time ONE DAY.  Of course as you can guess, that one time I wasn’t sitting next to him because… well…. it was the final. 

4.  The One Law I Will Never Forget.  Sometimes you hear things that you think you will never forget.  There were a few times this semester that I had that experience, but no legal ruling will stick in my head better than this one:  A doctor (sorry Kurzman, but it really was a doctor) has an STD.  He has sex with another Doctor (I believe a coworker).  She gets the STD.  She is married. She has sex with her (Doctor) husband.  The husband gets the STD.  The holding?  It is foreseeable that a person will have sex with their spouse, so giving somebody an STD that they give to their spouse makes you liable to the spouse.  An torts…..

3.  Telling Dr. Dwayne the Gram-bassador and Blackstone wrote a book together.  I guess this one kinda torches any sense of “gee I wonder who’s blog this is” for people in my section… then again…. if you are reading this blog and are in my section, you almost certainly already know who I am, so what do I care.  Anyway, Dr. Dwayne is a fairly “cool” guy.  By that I don’t mean he pulled a lot of chicks and played sports well growing up, I mean he is laid back and has a good sense of humor.  He lets us give and take with him, which I appreciate.  On the last day of class he said something about Blackstone.  We all started laughing and he asked why.  Somebody said Gram-bassador was obsessed (she did bring him up a lot and talk about how key he was to early law).  I couldn’t help it, this slipped out, that was that.  Sorry for being “that guy.”

2.  Finding Out a Lot of People Disliked the Same Girl in the Class That I Did.  Look, I’m a judgmental guy.  I don’t deny that.  For about two weeks, this one girl in our class had been annoying the hell out of me in class.  She was just… a nuisance, I don’t know what else to say.  I didn’t like her.  Anyway, about a month into the semester I realized nobody else liked her either.  She was sorta like a gunner, but in a school full of half gunners.  She was the quasi-gunner that did it in a way that rubbed people the wrong way.  Finally free to laugh at her whenever I wanted (including in class) I felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders….. ah horseface. 

1.  THE END.  The semester wasn’t as bad as I though it would be.  IThat said, I’m glad its over.  Sure I’m one semester closer to having to become a 2000 hour a year billable hour machine, but I’m glad its done.  In a few upcoming blog posts after I catch you up on what I am doing for my week off) I’ll look at what Scott Turow said about his first semester of law school and compare being a first semester 1L to being a pledge in the spirit of an earlier set of posts. 

 One thing I wish was on this list:  Getting my first job.  Oh Well. 


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