Law: Job Search Update

January 16, 2008

I haven’t done an update on the job search lately, and it seems like I should

 Before my torts final, I got a letter from the second firm I interviewed with saying that they would not be brining me back for another interview.  So much for the “be deferential and talk about how you like the details of the firm but don’t push yourself” approach.  I guess I should have actually, you know, done what you are supposed to do in a interview and pushed myself.

If  I didn’t get a job with the less selective firm, I’m guessing the first firm that hires about 10% of their interviewees will not be coming through with the offer I very much hope for (because honestly, I gave them no reason to hire me, so why would they?)

That means it all comes down to my third interview which is tomorrow with a small Chicago litigatioin boutique.  The firm is small but is someplace I am really interested in.  For starters, they make partners from within.  Additionally, they are all about early responsibility.

Now the negatives.  My interview had trouble getting scheduled and I will be interviewing a lot later than they wanted.  On top of that, I don’t think they have had 1L’s before, and they are small, so I doubt they want to start.

But lets hope!

Otherwise, I will need to broaden my search and do so late in the game.

I would like to count on the possibility of “high grades” coming in to get me a job with a firm that wait for grades, but realistically, thats not happening when I know classmates saw more issues than I did.

Tomorrow is do or die time for a firm, otherwise, back to the drawing board.


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