Law: Interview Debrief

January 17, 2008

Another firm, another completely different interview.  In this interview, we once again focused on Chicago.   I never thought that I would have trouble convincing people that I wanted to be in the major city 40 minutes from where I lived my whole life, but apparently when you go to school in Boston, the idea of you going to work in Chicago becomes not believable.  Here is a clip from the most bothersome part of my interview. 

Him:  So what makes you so sure you want to be in Chicago? (Keep in mind, I ONLY want to be in Chicago)

Me:  Born and raise here, my life is here, blah blah blah.

Him:  What about New York?

Me:  You know, I never saw the draw of New York.  I don’t want to do interational stuff or M&A, so to me it just seems like a bigger more expensive version of Chicago with rude people instead of my friends.

Him:  D.C.?

Me:  No, I really just want to be in the Midwest.  I grew up in the Chicago suburbs, and my life is here.  Chicago is a great legal market and I don’t see a reason to leave.

Him: L.A.?

Me:  Well, if I look out the window today (snowing and icky) you could convince me, but otherwise no, I’m a midwesterner. 

Him:  Moves on to a new set of questions.

Anyway, I didn’t feel like the interview went poorly.  Like anything there was a period of time where I wish I would have come up with some different answers, but I don’t think I committed any sins against humanity.   Because of poor planning (or pehaps just odd scheduling) I am going back out tomorrow for lunch with some associates.  Interestingly, they will be wearing jeans and he said not to wear a suit, so I don’t know what to wear.

Hopefully this will be the offer I have been waiting for, but I’m still not super optomistic, for a few reasons.

1. Optomism is bad luck

2. They are into really “smart” people, he said that five or six times, without grades, he won’t be able to tell that so he won’t bring me on.  With grades he will know im not a great student and won’t bring me on.

3. He asked when grades are coming out, not a good sign. 

4.  They are small and in no hurry to hire since they don’t have an ideal summer class size that they are trying to fill.  Instead, they hire qualified people as they go.  With this approach, it seems almost certain that theyare in no rush and have no incentive to let me know early (read:  Before grades come out) unless they are going to say thanks but no thanks.

My prediction:  Tomorrow he says they will let me know after grades.  Or I don’t hear from them and get a letter saying send us your grades.

 What a waste 😦


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