Law: Is My Interview Over Before It Starts?

January 17, 2008

As I have posted about before, I am not having a lot of luck on the job search.  I understand that if I didn’t have the luxary of going where I go, I would have had more success simply because I would have set much lower standards, but still, I’m frustrated. 

Anyway, tomorrow (later today) I have another interview with a smaller firm, as I mentioned earlier this week.  Instead of talk about that, I’m going to discuss my general concern:  That the interview may be over before it starts.

Lets recap why I think this might be the case:

The firm isn’t in NALP.  On a lark, I submitted an application cold to the  firm because they litigate a ton and don’t make their first years do loads and loads of documet review.  After I left for home I got a letter saying I should schedule an interview for xmas break.  I got back to school, got the letter and scheduled this interview.

The Bad:
The firm appears to have few (if any) associates that they hired directly from law school.  There MAY be two.  Most of their associates are laterals from other high end firms.  Additionally, the firm seems to like students that did really well in school…. top of the class types.  Why would they all of a sudden go for a 1L?  Without a tack record of hiring students straight out of law school, I’m guessing they don’t have along running summer program, so let alone a history of hiring 1L’s?  Also, the firm has only one person that went to my school, and the hiring partner went to a high end (but not cal, michigan, virginia high end) public school, so he is almost certainly less impressed by school name.

The Good:
The firm seems like it is recently expanding, they gave me an interview, and they advertise a summer program on their website.


 I’m not holding my breath, but if they give me an offer, I will gladly take it. I hope to have that opportunity because I think I will be given a chance to learn a lot.  I’m sure they won’t hire right away, especially since I’m a 1L, and perhaps since I’m interviewing so late they have no intention of hiring at all.  I’ll go and try and see what happens.

General approach:
Try to pitch myself rather than focus on why I like the firm, but make it clear that I did my homework and like the firm.


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