Law: I Held This In As Long As I Could

January 18, 2008

I have been trying for weeks to avoid engaging in a political rant about the democratic primaries.  Largely, I tried not to because politics and law are only semi-related.  Additionally, I tried to keep quiet because I’m not going to vote for the winner anyway, so who am I to talk.  Today, I feel the need to rant.  Sorry.

I can’t stand Obama.  What?  Outrage?  How dare a college aged person not love Obama!!  Seriously, I don’t get it.  Everytime I listen to him or read about him I just think “this guy is a less-good, african american version of Jimmy Carter.  As far as I can tell, the appeal can be summed up in three statements:

1.  He is different than other politicians. 

2.  He is the first legit minority candidate (this isn’t big for everybody, but for a segment, its the only thing that matters).

3.  He talks well.

As for reason 1, I think this is silly.  He ASSUMING its true, which I don’t think it is (as I will discuss below).  So What?  Yey, he’s dfferent.  Having a barn yard animal as president would be “different” but that doesn’t mean it would be good.  A president that had never held any political position would be “different” (and not too far off) but it wouldn’t be good.  Heck, electing Roger Clemens would be different, that doesn’t mean it will be good.  DIFFERENT ISN’T A REASON TO BE CITED AS A POSITIVE, EVER.  It doesn’t make sense.   If you mean “different and better” thats fine, be prepared to say why better, in fact, save me time and just say “better” now explain why. 

The second reason…. I’m white, I can’t talk about it or I’m a racist.  I guess its not that different than Baptists voting for Huck or Mormons voting for Mitt, or Veterans preferring candidates with military experience, so I’ll stay quiet about this one. 

The third reason…. this one bugs me too.  So speaks well, interesting.  So?  I know that we are tired of Bush the Younger stumbling through speech after speech, but if we want to make speaks well a key criteria, we are really in a sad place as a nation.  You could have terrible policies and still “speak well.”  Actually, thats exactly what I think about Obama….

Now, the flip side of this rant is the fact that, BILL CLINTON WAS RIGHT.  When Clinton attacked Obama, he was turned ino a villian by CNN, but he was right.  This has been a “fairy tale” and the news is embarassingly “pro Obama.”  My guess is they are afraid to get called racist.  If thats not the case then the there is legit favoritism.  As an example, lets look at an article about Obama’s new found humor available online here.

First Obama complained about the answers other candidates gave to the ultimate softball “Whats your greatest weakness.”  He said:  Now, I didn’t, nobody had clued me in, that ya know, see, if I had gone last I would have said ‘My biggest weakness? I like to help old ladies across the street.” This doesn’t actually bother me.  He has a point here, except, had Hilary said this, it would have been all over the news with the title “Clinton bashes Obama and Edwards.”  Same if Edwards said it, but since chosen child said it, its just “showing humor.”

He continued by saying:  “I didn’t understand the question,” he said, laughing. “But this is what I mean. This is political speak. This is what you learn in Washington from all those years of experience — it’s funny, except its sad, because it means that the American people are constantly having to sort out ‘what do people really mean?’”  I love this part of Obama’s recent speech. Pot Meet Kettle.  Obama, the “great communicator” loves to talk about political speak, and yet, HE USES POLITICAL SPEAK.  The man is a walking talking calculating political machine, just like Clinton.  The only difference is that his program is more user friendly.  If I were voting for the candidate that “tells it like it is” or worries the least about political speak, it would be McCain v. Edwards with Edwards winning.  Seriously, Obama is right, they do do this, but at the same time, so does he, he just sounds nicer when he does it.

Obama took another shot at Clinton in a point that I think generally made sense when he said: 

“She said she voted for it, uh, but she hoped that the bill would die,” he said. “Anybody remember that? Think about that. She voted for it even though she hoped it wouldn’t pass.”

“I’ve been less worried about making political points on these things, but getting them right,” Obama continued. “That’s the kind of leadership that I intend to offer as President of the United States. Somebody who will be straight with you and get it right the first time.

I agree, I think voting for something you hope won’t pass is silly.  Just like I think passing a bill to extend the Patriot acts without the protections he ultimately wanted was silly, yet Obama did this, and when Clinton pointed it out, she was treated as a liar.  Worse yet, at least Clinton voted.  Pull Obama’s voting record from Illinois.  What did MR STRAIGHT TALK MR CHANGE do while he was in the Illinois senate?  He voted “present.”  Not Yes or no.  He didn’t take a stand, he just said he was there, a nice way to avoid an attack for not showing up, but a completely worthless contribution to helping the state.  Unless you believe change happens just by showing it, it appears Obama’s voting record is just like his candidacy….. not offensive in any way (unless you are offended by a politician not taking a stand) but not marked by any noticable accomplishments or stands either. 

Vote for whoever you want, but do it because you are educated about the candidates, not because Obama speaks well or Hilary is a woman, or Romney is a mormon, or Huckabee is a Baptist minister. 

And if you love Obama, good for you, leave me a comment with what about him you love.  Which of his brilliant policies inspires you to believing he is better than Clinton?  What of his super politically accomplished past makes you go “wow he will be a great executive?”


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