Law: Interview Part II

January 18, 2008

After that rant, I also feel required to provide some legal related content.  Today was the second part of my interview, and I am once again left with a big question mark above my head.

I had hoped to leave knowing what this process would be like.  I was hoping to nw what the firm’s timeline was and what they wanted from me moving forward.  Instead, I still know nothing and am certain it will be a long wait if good news is to come.

I don’t think that a decision has been made.  I think the hiring partner wanted to get the opinion of a few associates, and that is why I went to lunch today.  Lunch was casual, we talked about the firm and about life as a young person in Chicago.  They asked a few questions, but nothing “interviewey”.  Then we left.  That was that.

A reference was made to me coming back during my Spring Break.  Spring Break for me is the end of March.  That is a LONG time.  I have no idea what is going on.

What I think is going to happen is they will ask me to send my grades, then look at them, go “those aren’t up to our standards” and that will be that.  I also think their standards are higher than some of the other firms that said “send us your grades and we’ll decide then” so if my grades DO meet their standards, I may already have found something.  Basically, the last two trips downtown may have been for not.  They seem in no hurry, which I attribute to the fact that they don’t see a summer program of a specific size as a “must.” If they have qualified people they take them, if not they don’t.  I think for them, thats all it boils down to.  As a result, I don’t think they have any rush to get a class locked in my the end of January.  I think they will take their time, wait on my grades, and if my grades don’t cut me out, perhaps bring me back in a few months for more of an interview.

This is all assuming that they still have an interest after this round.  If they don’t, the above is a moot point.

This really is a smart way to do business on their part.  That said, it is also frustrating from my point of view.  It means that if they are going to give me an offer, I am likely to have another offer before they do.  What good is that to me now!  I wanted a firm to give me an offer so I could accept and have this job search process behind me.  Apparently this firm isn’t going to be the firm to make that happen.  Now I don’t know what my next move should be.


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