Med: Response to Clegal’s Interview Post

January 18, 2008

After reading Clegal’s post about trying to convince his interviewer that he wanted to be in Chicago, I thought back to my med school interviews and one of the most uncomfortable interview moments I’ve ever had. Ironically, it was during my UIC interview.

And of course this is all paraphrased–I don’t remember exact details. But you’ll get the picture.

Student Interviewer: So, you really want to be a doctor huh?

Me: Yea, I do.

SI: And why is that exactly?

Me: Well, I’ve always just really loved biology–as dorky as that sounds. The doctors in my life have been some of my biggest role models & favorite people, and I think it’s the best way to help people in the most fundamental sense.

SI: But teachers help people…why not be a teacher? Isn’t teaching a noble profession?

Me: Yes, of course it is. But to me, health is a more pressing need than education. You can’t go to school if you’re in bad health–it is the most basic of requirements. And I really enjoy learning biology and the science of the body.

SI: What about a policeman? Isn’t being safe from crime a fundamental need as well?


This continued through a few more questions–but there’s no need to bore you guys anymore. The point was–at least, for my interview–that he seemed to be being purposely combative. I see him around campus every once in a while, and he seems like a genuinely unhappy person. Now I can just chuckle about it, but a year ago it made me think I was going to get stuck going to Rosalind Franklin.

How did UIC select him to represent their school in the first place?


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  1. At least ten, answered Hilliary!!!

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