Law: Back to the Grind

January 22, 2008

Today was the first day of Spring semester, which means yesterday was the first day of spring semester reading.  In case I forgot over Winter Break, the verdict is in, reading is still a suckfest.

Today is yet anther busy day at the office.  My schedule for the day looks like this:

Class till 11:30, lunch till 1, class till 3, exercise till 5, shower and change, firm reception 6-8, read for tomorrow’s classes, shower, sleep.

Tons of fun huh?

Anyway, one short story to retell that I had to laugha little bit about on the inside.  I’m sitting down in my non-assigned seat (a temporary break from the elementry school treatment) when the prof for my Contract’s class walks in.  He is walking down the aisle, when he bumps into a student.  That student is none other than AD.  Class hasn’t started and already AD is getting in the profs way, hilarious.

No word on the job search for any of you that were wondering.  Hopefully I’ll be employed at some point, but as of now, its not looking so hot.


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