Law: Class Impressions

January 24, 2008

I said earlier that I would post reviews of my classes.  So far we have had 3 of our five classes and so far I’m not sure what to think.


Well…. its contracts, which means its going to be boring, technical, and diffcult.  Our prof seems to really like to lecture (although that might just be him easing us into the first part of the class).  He is almost certainly a law and econ guy which I appeciate but I am not sure how things will go.  I find myself struggling to organize my notes in a form that makes sense to me, hopefully this problem will work itself out as the semester progresses (and before it gets too late).  Today I kind of zoned out, so I’m not sure what to think.  I’ll update you on this class as time goes on.


Man this guy is HYPER.  He talks a mile a minute and is from the Elizabeth Warren school of cold calling on a dozen or so people a class.  The good news is that you get off the spot fairly quickly.  The bad news is you have to be ready every day.  Thankfully for me, I already know what textualism was, so I was able to follow the first lecture.  I have NO IDEA how his “fast paced” style will work when he has to start communicating more complex legal ideas.  This one could go either way.

International Econ Law

Prof seems like this could be a solid class.  By HLS standards, she is young and cute for faculty, which makes her easier to pay attention to.  She metioned Indy records in class which demonstrates that he has some idea of student culture, and she seemed like a nice person.  Its too early to tell on this one also, though I know I dislike a handful of my classmates already.  Also, because this is an Econ class, I think there will be a large percentage of gunners…. we’ll see

Thats all so far.  I’ll let you know about Securities Litigation and Legal Writing (perhaps) after I exerience them.  It will be interesting to see how my perspective on things changes.

Also, I think that Kurzman’s post about having a skull at home is a nice example of how different our experiences are.  It is definately one of those “wow I’m odd” moments when you realize you are fine with a human skull chillin in your room. As odd as it is to find yourself picking apart statements in your head, there is definately not anything nearly as close to a “man I’m different than everybody” moment in law school.  I mean, nobody is gonna call me out as being wierd because I notice logic flaws in my head or have an annoying tendency to compare things I experience in life to cases I read about. 

The moral?

Law school just makes u seem annoying.  Med School makes people seem “different.”


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