Law: Things Only Law Student (and Not All of Them) Find Funny

January 25, 2008

For those of you that are more into the medical school side of things, or that read this in a general way, I appologize for this post.  What follows is very much a law student, geek-tastic post of things I have seen, heard, read, etc. while I was in school.  These are all things that only a law student could possibly find funny.

1.  A professor saying something along the lines of:  “I don’t like humor in exams, although I would appeciate if you could work in a But See, Marbury v. Madison.”

2.  You know this case doesn’t matter too much because Posner and Easterbrook disagree and lovers only have spats over small things, no major fights.

3. Having a Supreme Court Oral Argument without Justice Thomas is like playing golf without your baseball bat, nobody would even notice.

4.  “Tompkins just had to experience it, we have to understand what the case means, I think he got the less painful end of the deal .”

5.  What do you get when you mix Palsgraf with Carroll Towing?  Um….. An exploding train on a boat?  Sorry, I ment what do you get when you mix Palsgraf with (some random but for jurisdiction case), oh…. one rule that makes sense, and a case about exploding fireworks.

6.  This is what you get when you mix Justice Ginsburg with Justice Rehnquist.  Justice Kennedy with better writing skills, where?

7.  Calder v. Bull, proving for all time that legislatures in Connecticut have WAY to much free time.

8.  Can anybody tell me what makes these two personal jurisdiction cases different from one another?  one got a majority and the other didn’t?  Ya, thats about the best I can figure out too. (Two friends trying to sudy)

 Yeah, nerd-tastic


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