Law: Hilarious Sex Related Stories

January 26, 2008

Sometimes reality is more interesting than anything on television.  That’s one of the reasons I almost exclusively read non-fiction.  While reading the news today I came across two stories that I felt deserve being spread around.  Please note neither of these have much to do with law school or med school.

The first is this article about kinky sex gone wrong.  Every once and a while a story of a bondage session going bad comes up, but that usually involves beating or suffocation.  This one is unique in that it involves electrocution.  Not particularly my bad, but hey, to each their own I suppose. 

The second article is about what can happen when high school is joined with the wonders of technology – Cell Phone photo sharing.  The article appears here and is slightly more legal.  Although I know the prosecutor has good intentions, it seems like this arbitrary use of power is miguided.  How can you really threaten students with prosecution for possession of child pornography but not also threaten the girls that origionally created/distibuted it (the so called “pornstars”).  I don’t know about you, but nothing fun like this ever happened at Kurzman and I’s high school.  Sure there are a few people that have since been rumored to have at least taken a few steps into careers as strippers at a local club or internet pornstars, but nothing like this while I was in school.  I remember a couple of “wow” sexual rumors, but none ever had the pictures to go along with the story.  As a relatd query, clearly the reputations of the girls involved has been ruined, but what about the guys?  Is this a positive or negative? 

Kurzman may or may not be fresh off a return to high school lane (nothing dirty people, keep your mind out of th gutter), perhaps he has thoughts?


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