Law: Firm Reception Update

January 30, 2008

Another week, another round of firm receptions.  This evening featured a double header of firms that decided not to give out rush gifts firm logoed gifts. 

We started with a firm that is not in Chicago, but is in D.C.  The reception was at a place I have never been to with a style of food I have never had.  For lack of another term, I’m going to call the food fusian asian.  Things like Teriaki Chicken with mint chili sauce, dumplings with unusual busy tasty dipping sauces, and tuna sippers were common.  Open bar with no obvious limit was a nice perk, I was going with the Johnny Walker mid-labels.  I met an interesting partner that practices in a practice group I find really interested, we chatted a bit then it was time for speeches, at which point we grabbed our coats from the coat check and headed to the next place.

At place number 2, we had french finger food and wine only.  I went with white which was some low end dry wine.  Thanks to the JW earlier, it wasn’t a factor.  The food was interesting and included crab cakes, really solid beef cubes, bacon wrapped scallops, BBQ chicken squares, garlic butter shrimp (yum) and a few things I passed on.  Met one partner from NY that wasn’t bad, could have snagged an after reception invite but passed, then chatted with an energetic political junkie for a while until it was time to leave.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to catch the eye of the Chicago rep, but alas, the firm has already said “thanks but no thanks for this year” and I don’t think I want to land there next year, so perhaps it isn’t for the worst.  Plus at this point, i was semi buzzed.

 Up next this week, a couple of new places and an old stand-by.


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