Law: Dropsies

February 1, 2008

So today I followed the proud tradition of such immortal figures as Tony G in the Sox-Sox playoff series, The glorious Mr. Gonzalez, a Cubs shortstop that made a goat out of “Bartman” when Gonzalez mangaged to boot a double play ball that almost certainly would have send the Cubs to the world series, and of course Bucky Dent.  I got the dropsies.  After one day of securities litigation with a fantastic partner from Wachtell Lipton, I decided that although the class seemed great, I almost certainly needed a semester of corps before I could intelligently be in that class.  So I got the dropsies and now I’m in the extremely difficult “Analytical Methods for Lawyers,” a stats/accounting/econ/finance/game theory course.  I’ll let you know how this one turns out :).


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