Law: Response to a Comment

February 2, 2008

So I realize that since this is my blog, I can do pretty much whatever the heck I want with a comment (for example, delete it).  That said, after reading a recept comment, I decided to take the low road and reply to it here.

The comment in question was the following:

You’re a selfish, ignorant, greedy little punk.  Your writing flows as well as a septic tank on a cold day, and you can’t spell. Not even a sweatshop like Skadden would hire you. Good luck with your career reviewing document productions as a temp at 40k a year as you struggle to pay off your student loans. Ha ha! Hope you enjoyed the whisky.

I think it would be better to break my response to this one up into parts.  With that in mind, I’m going to quote, and then respond. 

First our commenter asserted:

You’re a selfish, ignorant, greedy little punk.

There are a lot of negative things that one could say about me without much effort (as is true about most people), but I don’t know about these three.  I’m not in a position to comment about me being selfish.  Clearly I don’t think I am or I’d change my behavior.  That said, given that the poster doesn’t know me, it seems silly to call me selfish.  I read through the comment he responded to, and I tried to figure out what led to the selfish…. I guess he feels like I shouldn’t take advantage of free things from firms.  By that logic, me and the vast majority of law students at top law schools are selfish.  Perhaps he was bothered by the fact that I based my attorney interaction score on how little I talked to attorneys.  If this is his issue, I’ll plead guilty becuase I see nothing wrong with this.  Next he called me ignorant.  Again, there was 100% nothing in that post to lead to me being called ignorant (it was a post 100% about my experience one evening, what was there to be ignorant about?)  As for greedy, he may have me there, but only in the sense of “I am going to law school and hope to make a lot of money when I graduate.”  If you use that definition, he is 100% right that me, and a huge number of people going to law school are in fact greedy.  The other possibility is he thought my goal of getting lots of free food from firms was greedy.  Again, if thats the case, I’ll plead guilty as charged.  But since when do we feel people trying to get as many free drinks out of a law firm with hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue is greedy?  Little punk is 100% false as anybody that knows me can attest.  I am certainly not “little” and I’m about as prep as you get.

Perhaps the poster is more bothered by the general tone of my posts.  I am a republican and I don’t see anything wrong with that.  I work hard for my money and I think I should be able to keep a large portion of it.  I also have no tolerance for those that could work, could find employment, and choose not to because they think the job is “below them” or “not worth it.”  Either way, I think it is the poster himself who is showing himself to be ignorant.

Next he asserts:

Your writing flows as well as a septic tank on a cold day, and you can’t spell.

As any of you that read this blog often know, I cannot spell.  I have said that very sentence on this blog many times.  I don’t understand how the blogs spell check works and when I copy from Word the formatting gets messed up.  If the spelling bothers you, I’m sorry, but I have tried to be as open an honest about that as I can.  As for writing flow, the last post was 100% a short summary broken into points.  The idea was clarity not flow.  Often time when I post, I’m ranting, not trying to articulate a court-quality argument.  The goal it to get my views onto the blog for others to read.  I don’t think the writing has ever been so poor that it made it tough to follow my view, so who cares.

Not even a sweatshop like Skadden would hire you.

I’ll post about this one when I know what I’m doing this summer and when I know what I’m doing next summer.  I’m thinking and hoping the poster is wrong.  Based on my school’s placement numbers, it seems like he will be.  I’ll update you more on this later.

Good luck with your career reviewing document productions as a temp at 40k a year as you struggle to pay off your student loans.

Without blindly attacking the poster here, I would bet the poster isn’t making a lot of money.  I don’t have anything to base this on, its just a hunch.  Since I have no intention of becoming a contract lawyer (or temp as some call them) and I intend to work in biglaw which pays more than 40K, I don’t think I’ll have trouble paying off my loans.  Again, this seems like a commenter that is sour grapes telling me that I won’t be able to get a job despite not knowing what my grades will look like. (Note to the fates:  Please don’t screw me for saying I will be able to get a job.  Please let my grades turn out well so I can really drive home the point that this commenter is an ignorant dbag.  Please please please let me succeed academically.  Thanks)

Finally the comment ended with:

Ha ha! Hope you enjoyed the whisky.

Glad a negative post about somebody you haven’t talked to could bring some joy to your life.  And thank you, the whisky was fantastic.

Now, what I think the commentor was reacting to is the fact that I’m commenting/critiquing these firm receptions in general.  After all, we are just law students and law firms are paying huge amounts of money just for the opportunity to have a few short conversations with us.  I agree, the situation is silly.  Despite it being silly, I am lucky enough to be in the position to experience it, and I plan to take advantage of the stupidity to get free food, drinks, and swag.  If you think I’m a bad person for doing so, I would love to hear a well articulated reason why.  We pay a lo of money to go to school and we are taking advantage of this nice perk.  If your pissed that we have these receptions and your school doesn’t, I’m sorry about that but its the way of the world and if you did your research before picking a school you would have known these things exited.  If you just couldn’t get into a school that employers want to hire from badly enough to throw these parties, then I think your complaint is just sour grapes, but if you have a more articulate argument, I’d love to read it in the comments.

Yes I am critiquing (and in many ways complaining) about these receptions.  If the firms put noticable effort into trying to match or bette each other, why shouldn’t I provide my feedback on the event?  After all, I am their target audience, I think my opinion counts.

If you don’t like it, don’t read it, but I’m going to continue to post the reviews of firm events because I think the whole situation is hilarious.


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