Law: Thanks for the Booze Skadden

February 2, 2008

Today was night at law school in February which means one thing….. firm receptions. Today was one of the world’s famous sweat-shops…. Skadden. Overall, I would say this one tops my list of firm events. To better understand, lets go through the key categories.

Venue: So I find this place annoying because the decorating sucks. There is no way around it, it looks wierd (pink and zebra, what?) That said, it holds a big crowd and with people out in full force, that was definately needed. Overall, this gets a “blah”.

Food: Food was pretty good but not great tasting, but the quantity was lacking. Tops on my list were the Peanut dipped chicken skewers followed closely by the “actually fried lightly, not just claiming to be friend lightly” shrimp sticks with soy-ish dipping sauce. Very well done on these two dishes. The grilled cheese with tomato soup shooter was also an interesting choice. The rest didn’t do it for me.

Drinks: Fine to good. I heard some complaints from people about the very random bar avalability. I didn’t have any complaints as all I wanted to do was drink Makers Mark, and they had plenty of that and a short wait. The wine wasn’t good but it was always around, so thats a plus.

Attorney Interaction: I’ve decided to do this from my point of view. I don’t want to work at Skadden and I didn’t talk to a single firm rep other than to get my nametag and big up my swag bag, so I have Zero complaints. Perfect work.

Swag: Best yet. I quickly tossed all the written stuff, but they gave out $10 gift certificates to campus food. How can you not love that?


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