Med: Double-Dipping Spreads Bacteria–NO SHIT

February 2, 2008

Members of the scientific community–a group to which I identify–love to cry foul when research money is cut. Or when worthwhile venues of research are shut down (i.e., stem cells).

But a major problem is that “normal” Americans can’t always see the benefits of the basic science research that–in the LONG term–leads to the amazing medical discoveries from which we benefit each and every day. And it doesn’t help when stories such as these make it to popular press:

Beware the bowl: Double dipping spreads bacteria

To be fair, this was done in an undergraduate microbiology course–it’s not like massive amounts of federal research money funded a study on double dipping. But do we really need “verification” that sticking something in your mouth and dipping it back into a bowl can transfer bacteria?


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