Law: More Gambling – OCI

February 5, 2008

I’ve said before that HLS loves to use the lottery system to make every possible decision.  Today was the final step of the 1L OCI lottery system.  That means that today we got a list of places we would be interviewing with as well as the ability to make three changes. 

Somehow I got screwed out of a change, so I ended up getting to make two changes, both adds.  Since I stated with 5 and added 2, I will be taking OCI with seven employers – 6 law firms and 1 company.  Of these there is one firm I am really hoping to work for (not as much as the Chicago firm I interviewed with while I was hope, but still a place I would really enjoy), and one other where I would say I would be “happy”.  I wouldn’t be unhappy at any of the others either. 

I need some luck.  So far I am still without a job offer (or any strong prospects of a job offer), so an offer from OCI would be a fantastic change of events.  Interviews start a week from tomorrow so I better work on my writing sample.



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