Law: Two Sides to the Coin

February 8, 2008

I really wanted to make my next post a law school related post.  Unfortunately, I have been skipping class a lot lately and/or not going to firm receptions, so I don’t have much law school stuff to talk about.  What I do have to offer is a discussion about politics (sorry).

As most of you know, today Romney dropped out.  As a supportor of McCain, I’m somewhat happy with that.  As a person capable of logical reasoning, the thing that annoys me is the response to his comments.  I take a massively conservative stance on a lot of things (specifically economic) but I do understand what the other side thinks, and I get that there is logic there (I just disagree with it).  I feel like liberals are the new social-conservative- ignoring that the other side has logic as well and assuming their view is the only view.  Nowhere is this more evident than the response to Romney’s comments about needing to drop out so that he doesn’ lead to someone who wont keep us safe from terror.  The liberals that I know had the same response:  hahahahaha, that nutcase is an idiot, just because we support Hilary/Obama doesn’t mean we are giving in to terror.  News flash, there is a strong case to be made that not continuing the war IS giving in to terror.  You may no agree with it.  I haven’t decided what I think, but here is an argument to be made there.  Every time liberals treakted Romney like he was nuts today, I couldn’t help but think of all the times I listened to liberals complain about how stupid it was that conservatives painted the choice as “support god, or be a liberal.”  That was stupid and I never bought into it, and the way liberals are acting about the war (as if there is a clear answer and all other views are silly) is equally ignorant.  I could handle this about one issue, but I fear it is spreading over.  Already I feel like the same mentality is showing up in various disputes over healthcare.  Kurzman and I are both fairly educated, and we can’t arrive at an ideal healthcare situation so how could any random Joe of the street be able to say “Universal Healthcare is right, anything else is immoral/foolish/illogical”?  They can’t, but since liberals are now in power the way conservatives once were, its ok for them to be ignorant.  Listen, conservatives did it for about 6 years, so in some ways I know I need to get a thicker skin about it and realize that turnabout is fair play, but at the same time, I thought it was silly when we did it, so don’t I still get to think its silly now?

 All I’m saying is that there are very few objectively “right” policy decisions in this current election.  Taxing the rich sounds great, but at the same time, 1% of our population pay 41% of the taxes (thats enough to pay for all of the military budget, al of the non-entitlement programs, and 10% of the entitlement programs like welfare and medicade) at some point you have to say “enough is enough.”  Healthcare for everyone sounds great until you look and realize that 35% of those without healthcare COULD afford it, but have decided that other things (eating out, new TV, etc) are a higher priority, and another 20% of the “uninsured americans” are actually non-citizens. 

The war has positives and negatives that everybody can understand.

Clearly the opposing points to the liberal view on immigration are well documented.

I’m not trying to say that as a conservative I’m right, I’m trying to say that every time a liberal acts like you are a fool for opposing rolling back the Bush tax cuts or opposing universal healthcare or favoring the war you are a fool, they are being just as ignorant as the Conservative in Georgia going “liberal hate god, so I’ll vote democrat.”


One Response to “Law: Two Sides to the Coin”

  1. kurzman85 said

    Well put, sir.

    I don’t know if you saw on facebook, but I am soon going to be addressing my take on the healthcare situation in full. And I’d of course love to see your take as well. 🙂

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