Law: Grade Countdown

February 11, 2008

Grades come out Wednesday, so we have two full days until the pecking order here is rerranged significantly.  Although I know I’ll be sliding “down” the pecking order, I must say, I am somewhat looking forward to people knowing where they stand.  Early on, I realized I wasn’t part of the top of this class and I was ok with that (I think).  My goal is to not be part of the bottom of the class (we’ll see).  Many people here took the view that they were almost certainly at the top of the class and have behaved that way for the duration of the semester.  Given that there are far more people that place themselves at the top of the class than there are spots, it is safe to say that in a few days, some of these people will have to readjust their views of themselves, yey!

Yes I realize this is a somewhat bitter take on grades – focusing on th effect on my classmates and not on their importance to my life, but realistically, thats what I’m thinking.  I know I am not a top third type studen.  I’m hoping to be average.  The difference is, I GET that I’m a person that should be hoping to be average and many of my classmates don’t.

Most of my friends are people with a healthy dose of self-awareness.  I wish them the best and hope they kill these exams.  Its those other people I am silently rooting join me in the bottom half of the curve.


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