Law: Grades

February 14, 2008

As I said a few days ago, Wednesday was the scheduled day for grade release.  In a last minut twist, grades were actually released Tuesday night before classes, an interesting decision on behalf of the school.  The plus side was that the school avoided having a bunch of kids checking their grades in the middle of class (and by relation, havin a third of the class unhappy in the middle of class).  Additionally, the school avoide having 1550 students online at the same time.  The bad news with this plan is that the school took a bunch of students that were already high strung and caught them off-guard with an early grade release.  I for one didn’t mind but that’s because I think I was less obsessed than most with my grades.  Its relaxing knowing you aren’t going to finish at the top of the class. 

Anyway, grades came out and I did fine.  Actually, I did a little bit better than I had hoped, so thats good.  It looks like I will in fact graduate and I can take a deep breath.  For the next three months, I can say that I am a slightly above average harvard first year student.  That is, unless the next set of grades come out.

Now I just need a job.

More on an interesting week to come, including a firm-reception double header this past tuesday, a knockout firm event yesterday, and interviews yesterday and today (plus an interview double header tomorrow).


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