Law: Catching up – Tuesday Firm Events (Part I)

February 15, 2008

This past Tuesday, like most Tuesdays, featured multiple firm events to choose from.  Like good students, we decided to stop at both receptions. 

The first reception was for some California firm that I wasn’t too excited about.   The good news?  The recepion was at my “at the time favorite place to go for firm receptions” – Om.  Once again, Om didn’t disappoint.  Come to think of it, the firm didn’t really disappoint either if you consider the fact that I was completely indifferent to begin with.

Venue:  Om is a great place for  reception as long as you don’t have too many peple.  Like the last time I was there, the number of attendees was not too large for the location.  Additionally, the layout makes it hard for a lawyer double team which is a nice perk. 

Food:  Om’s greatest strength is the fantastic fusion food.  Once again the favorites were the Pot stickers and chicke skewers with mind dipping sauce.  They also threw out a dish I missed last time – some type of well cooked scallop dish.  Like all events at Om, the food was the highlight.

Drink:  Can’t complain.  I posted up by the bar and went with high end wiskey.  My favorite “whats the best whiskey you can serve tonight” worked well and I was kept happy all evening.

Attorney Interaction:  We talked to one person that I thought as an attorney.  Things were looking up…. I usually joke that at these events, the prettiest girls in the room are always the recruites.  After a ten minute conversation with this young lady, I was convinced that tonight would break the steak – solid education history, worked on the hill for a while, moved between firms a few times……. nope.  Recruiter.  Should have known when she called herself “Goldie Locks”.  Oh well. On the plus side, this means I didn’t actually talk to an attorny at this event since she was actually a recruiter.

Swag:  This firm nailed the swag category.  A solid water bottle that will be heading to the gym with me, a 1 gig USB drive that will be used during finals, and a highlighter – a solid trio. 

I only stayed here for about 45 minutes despite my love of the food.  Thats because on the same evening, a firm that I am seriously considering was also holding an event and I wanted to make sure to spend most of my time there.  I’ll follow up with more on that event in a later post.


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