Law: This Week In Recepting Part II (Continued From Tuesday Night Events Part I)

February 16, 2008

Ealier this week I talked about the first of the week’s three receptions, a Tuesday night event with a firm I’m not interested in.  Now its time to talk about the second of the week’s three events and the second part of the Tuesday night double header:  the Sidley Austin reception at Grafton Street.

Venue:  Grafton is a terrible place for  firm reception.  Yes I understand that a lot of alums really used to love the bar that was there.  Yes I get that “Good Will Hunting” was filemed in the bar that used to be there.  This isn’t that place.  That place lookd like a pretty good place to hold a reception (minus to not being fancy).  This place is too small, bottlenecks around the registration table no matter where you place it, and doesn’t serve enough food or provide enough drinks. 

Food:  With grafton, it is always the same story:  The food is good, but there isn’t much of it.  This held true today.  During the food pass, I was able to snag one random thing that was completely forgetable (all I remember is eating it, I have no clue what it was).  The redeeming factor for this particular visit comes from complete luck.  We happened to be pinned next to a table when they put out bacon wrapped scallops.  In the munching that followed my group managed to make up for the lack of other good food by thoroughly enjoying the scallops.  Nice save Grafton.

Maker’s Mark means you can’t go wrong, and its nice to order drinks with a waitress and not have to get to the bar, but I’m still not a fan.  One drink in an hour and a half just isn’t enough to make me happy about the event.

Attorney Interaction:  The drawback of going to a firm reception for a firm you are interested in is that you have to talk to people.  I posted up with a couple of people from the Chicago office for  while, but didn’t recognize anybody.  After a while I got the strong sense of “I’ve already been here, the office recruiter remembers me, I’m leaving.”

Swag:  Highlighter and a candy bar….. I’ll pass.

Overall this wasn’t the best reception.  Had I not been intersted in the first place, I wouldn’t have gone because its Grafton.  Had I been talked into going for some odd reason, I would have complained that I got talked into it.  But its a firm I want, and with the fun of other receptions comes having to go to a few receptions at places you like even if the reception isn’t awsome.

 I have one more reception recap for the week, then perhaps we’ll get into something maningful (or perhaps I’ll talk about interview season).


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