Law: OCI Interview #1

February 17, 2008

No I haven’t forgotten that I promised one more firm reception recap.  I am trying to get caught up in order so I don’t forget anything (it was a week of bloggable activities) and this is what came next.

OCI Started last Monday, but my interviews didn’t begin until Wednesday.  Things kicked off Wednesday with my first interview with a high quality of life firm in Grand Rapids.  The firm pays fairly well (1600 a week in a place with a very low cost of living) and seems like it does all of the normal summer pampering.  The first question of the interview was “why a firm in Grand Rapids when you are from Chicago?”  We talked about that for a while and talked about the value of quality of life.  The interview was pretty “meh” overall.  He didn’t seem particularly interested in a kid from Illinois and I caught onto that and it took down my excitement for the interview.  He ended with a dry “we’ll let you know in a couple of weeks” which is interview speak for “don’t hold your breath unless you aren’t planning on breathing.”  Oh well.  One down, seven chances left.


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