Law: This Week In Firm Receptions (Part III)

February 18, 2008

Today we come to the last of my “catching up on this week’s firm receptions” posts.  This post refers to the Chadbourne & Park reception at Boarder Cafe this Wednesday night.  This was an evening that began with good food and ended with about a dozen of us chanting the firm’s name during karaoke singing at the end of the evening, needless to say, this reception was well worth it.

Basically here is how it happened. 

Step 1:  The firm sent mostly young and fun associates and only one partner.  The people they sent didn’t feel the need to make small talk about this practice group and that area of the firm, they just wanted to enjoy themselves.  Towards the middle of the night the 3L’s decided to start screwing around (read:  flirting openly with attorneys, running into the kitchens, playing “cat and mouse” meaning running after each other around the bar, and doing trust falls). An hour or so and several tequila shots later, we were inviting them to come sing with us as another bar.  They agreed, we went, they opened a tab, and that is pretty much how the night ended.  Overall, it was an evening of good drunken fun.

In the traditional format, here is my summary:

Venue:  Boarder might be the best place for a reception.  The downstairs has a big enough room to hold people and lots of tables for food.  The only drawback (which didn’t matter here) is that there are very few places to hide. 

Food:  Um, ya, the food here rocks.  They start out by putting out tons of chips, salsa, queso, and other things.  Then they added the meal component.  For the first time, I essentially had  full dinner at a firm reception.  Just keep going back.  My favorite was the non-friend hot chicken, though the traditional mexican stuff wasn’t bad.  

Booze:  Lots of it and high quality.  I focused on Makers once again, though I mixed it up with about a half dozen tequila shots over the course of the evening.  They cut us off about ten minutes early but the firm made up for it by picking up our tab at the next stop.

Attorney Interaction:  There was lots of it, more than I usually engage in, but the people were fun.  We didn’t talk about law or firms and just had a good time.  Then they came out to sing with us, proving their coolness.  There was a small bump when a Jr. Associate called out one of my friends for acting like an idiot, but they patched things up and several attorneys pointed out that they weren’t very big fans of her.  Yes we spent alot of time with associates, but they were fun and we enjoyed ourselves, so I give the attorney interaction two tumbs up.

Swag:  The only place the firm fell over.  A thing full of mints just doesn’t cut it when other firms are giving out things like $10 gift cards.  Then again, when the firm is this cool, how pissed can you be about the swag?


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