Law: OCI – Day 2, Part 2

February 19, 2008

Before I go to bed tonight, I wante to take a few minutes to finish my wrap-up of last Friday’s OCI.  This interview (which wa actually my first of the day, but the second I’m blogging about) was the one OCI firm I was excited.  Of course, those of you that follow along closely on the blog know that being excited means that I will not be getting the position. 

That said, I felt pretty good about the interview.  We talked a lot about the offices I was interested in and I tried to ask intelligent questions.  The interviewer made a reassuring comment at the end (after looking at my grades he said something like “it looks like you did very well, just as you have all morning”).  Although that made me feel good, it was followed quickly with the “we don’t know how much space we have, I find out the end of next week how may spots, if any, I can fill at each office.  Since I know for a 100% fact that two HLS 1L’s have already accepted position there for this summer and I’m guessing they aren’t looking for an all-HLS 1L class, it seems like the odds are against me.  If you want a 15 person 1L class in Milwaukee, you fill the spots early.  Hopefully there is an available spot for me, this seems like a really neat opportunity.  If I were a betting man I’d put the chances of me getting a job there at 1/5.

The good news is, this was my last “high stress” interview (in the sense of places I really really want to work at).  The bad news is that I still dont have a job and I haven’t heard back from any of the places I sent grade updates to (including the smaller firm that requested them before making hiring decisions).  

Hopefull it works out. 

Seeing as how I’m out of firm reception stories and OCI stories for now, I guess tomorrow I’ll have to blog about something meaningful again.  Thankfully the rest of the week there are recepions.


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