Law: OCI Day 3 Part I

February 25, 2008

Last Friday was my OCI day three (something like day 14 or so in the real world) and I had another Set of Interviews.  The first interview of the day was with a nitch D.C. firm.  This firm’s practice focuses on Environmental work, Land Use, nd Litigation.  I of course was interested in litigation and thought their unique blend made them an exciting potential employer.  Of course, I told them this early in the interview and continued to hammer this point home as often as humanly possible. 

I didn’t think this interview went well.  The interviewer seemed generally disinterested despite my attempts to get him to talk about himself.  He seemed to have a general belief that this wasn’t worth his time (a feeling that others I know that interviewed there were left with as well). 

I left feeling drained, although I would still enjoy working at the firm.  They have a nice size, unique practice, and they are in an exciting city.  I guess we’ll see what the future holds.  If I was betting, I would give this 2 out of 10 on the job potential scale. 

To tie up some lose ends, the firm I talked about here sent me a ding letter today.  Man did I call that one.  At least they have a quick turnaround!  That interview could be a case study in “when interviews go bad fast.”


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