Law: Why I Hate Obama as a Potential President

February 27, 2008

One word.  Policy.  It seems to have been the forgotten topic of this primary season.  Every time Obama talks, its change change change.  Hope hope hope.  So what is this change that he has created such hope about?  To quote a friend of mine, its change in your pocketbook.  What kind of change in your pocketbook?  Well, if you are reading this blog because you want to be a doctor or a biglaw associate, then the change is going to be pretty severe.

 Lets assume that Obama is able to pass two of his three big policy initiatives (and when I say policy initiatives I mean answers when he is pinned down and forced to talk policy) and he rolls back the Bush Tax Cuts while uncapping social security.

What does that mean?  Well, it means taxes for first year lawyers go WAY up.  How far?  If I am a first year associate immediately after graduation (year 2-3 of the Obama presidency) Obama’s plan takes an ADDITIONAL 17-20K out of my pocket each year.  In addition to this, since associate bonuses are generally payed out of a pool of additional bonus funds, a pool that will be significantly reduced by increased firm contributions to social security, that number could get much higher.  How does this work?

Obama will increase the taxes on roughly 35K of a first year associate’s base pay and their entire bnus by 3%.  Next, Obama will uncap social security.  This means an additional 6.5% tax on about 60K a year of base pay, and another 6.5% tax on 15-35K of first year bonus.  Fantastic. 

In addition, my employer has a 6.5% increase on the same checks I am taxed on.  This means, almost certainly, that the amount my taxes are inreased in that way will be decreased from my bonus.  I’m losing on both ends!  Awsome.

 Doctors, you are in pretty much the same boat.

Change Change Change…….  all out of my pocket book.  Awsome.


16 Responses to “Law: Why I Hate Obama as a Potential President”

  1. Anon said

    Though I am disgusted and repulsed by the fact that Obama has been able to advance himself so far without any substance besides rhetoric, I feel as if your argument plays right into the hands of the people that will vote for him. Is it fair? Not at all. People like lawyers and doctors work incredibly hard for their money, going through many years of education and earning their rightful keep once they become professionals. Yet middle class citizens feel marginalized because it appears as if “the rich get richer”. What Obama wants to do is make those that have the money support the one’s who don’t. To those who don’t have the money, aka a large majority of Americans, they feel that it is justifiable to take from the rich because they believe they have more than they need anyway. It’s ironic that without the money he made being a lawyer in the first place, it is unlikely he would have had the resources to be in the position he’s arrived at. I agree with your arguement completely, but when it comes to swaying a middle class citizen trying to put food on the table and kids through college, they’re going to choose obaman socialism over american capitalism.

  2. Walt said

    Obama is vague on specifics because his actual positions are unpalatable to the sensibilities of most Americans. As a far-left liberal, he knows this. He speaks in code words to wink at other leftists, while his lack of voting record and deliberately vague plans when combined with his thickly-laid generic unity pledges try to win over other classes of voters.

    How can he pay for all of these new programs only by taking the income of those who are highly successful? He can’t. A wide swath of people would see services decline and taxes skyrocket under an Obama presidency, particularly with a strong democratic majority in congress. They will rubberstamp his policies much as many of the republicans did with GWB.

    Look how enraged Obama became after J. Wright mentioned explicitly what everyone knows – that blacks are ignoring his pandering to white voters because they know he is just saying what he has to say as a politician, but does not actually have the values he is espousing. Nothing Wright said before upset Obama, but after that Obama was on full-blast to squash his former mentor’s legacy and trash his memory. It’s like Wright mentioned to Dorothy and her companions that someone was standing behind the curtain. What a reaction by the Wizard!

    He talks about unity, but he was one of 22 Senators who voted against Chief Justice John Roberts. Whether you agree with his politics or not, John Roberts is one of the most qualified judges to ever sit as Chief Justice. Is Obama going to somehow unify america… by being polarizing, as he has in the past?

    His campaign is ridiculous and I hope that the American people see the obvious before long.

  3. SMD said

    I just saw this post, but I thought I’d poke in and throw something into the fire:
    What exactly is rich anymore? The whole concept is so subjective. Here’s a prime example. My mother’s partner got a job paying six figures. For most people, that’s considered rich right? Six figures is good. Well, here’s the problem: she got six figures in the Bay Area of California, where housing costs are through the roof, fuel is more, and just about everything is more. With her, my mother, and my brother in one house they could barely make ends meet…on SIX FIGURES.
    But because they are in that “rich” tax bracket, they’ll be hit hard by increased taxes and what you say Obama will do…how exactly is that fair? I do agree that some rich folks simply have too much money…but at the same time shouldn’t you have to work for what you earn? If you refuse to improve yourself and never try to do better than Taco Bell, how exactly is that a rich person’s fault? Personal circumstances only go so far and you can’t blame other people for your failures. Some people are fortunate, and some people simply work their freaking butts off to get to that “rich” bracket, only to find out that we’re going to tax the hell out of them for their trouble.

    By the way, I’m not rich. I’m actually a University student, but I’m not at all for more taxes. I’m becoming more and more conservative by the day because, quite frankly, I don’t want to pay out the butt in taxes when I graduate and get a job. I intend to be a university professor…and they do get paid pretty well when they get tenure, but they barely make it as it is…

    Scary future…

  4. Billyboi said

    I will vote McCain now.

  5. Michael said

    I already am an attorney (for over twenty years) and absolutely DETEST Barack Husein Obama. I LOATHE him the way crazy-eyed Democrats hate George Bush. He has absolutely NO real-world experience, and has never had to compete in the private sector. Join that with his totally skewed black victim mentality, handouts are great worldview, and you’ve got disaster in the making.

  6. Derek said

    If he does win…what is our first line of defense against his radical policy changes he will want to enfoce?

  7. Terry said

    I am a Marine Corps officer. Not active duty. I do support anyone who is running against anyone who supports the record of George Bush. As a Marine, one of the first things you learn is that as a leader you are responsible for everything that does and does not happen. During George Bush’s presidency no member of his administration has every been held accountable for the most amazing series of lies, incompetence, cover ups, bad judgment, and just plain old stupidity. Bush has fired no one, has asked for no resignations, has never apologized for the bad planning of the post war. People consider him a good leader because he seems sure of himself and decisive. Pushing hard with determination in the wrong direction is not leadership. Pushing hard in the wrong direction is a perfect sign of incompetence. In military terms he would be relived for cause!

  8. john said

    i cannot express in words my hatred for obama i wish that everyone would see this site

  9. NH said

    I see I am not needed here! Glad you people did not fall for his vapid hollywood rhetoric…this racist empty suit run by the enemy.

  10. kas said

    I agree. I am beyond loathing. He makes my skin literally crawl. I HATE HATE HATE everything about him.

  11. no-bama, no-lawyers said

    We detest Obama, too. However, anyone who can stick it to lawyers is worth a 2nd thought.

  12. Concerned said

    Great write-up! More taxes, larger government, more hand-outs…what is so innovative and fresh about that?!?!?!

  13. Angela said

    He is a piece of shit and a liar
    Best Answer – Chosen by Asker
    Things Obama misrepresented:
    1. Speaking to national audience, Obama said he voted against the war (or actually would have) and then voted to fund the war on several occasions when he actually could have voted against it.

    2. Obama told the Sun-Times that Rezko raised between $50,000-60,000 during his political campaign; however, $168,000 has been traced to the indicted businessman/associates.

    3. Statements made regarding his real estate deals with lobbyist Tony Rezko, also his friend and fundraiser:

    “I don’t recall exactly what our conversations were.” Chicago-Tribune, Nov. 1, 2006

    Four days later he told the Chicago Sun-Times (Nov. 5, 2006), “. . .to the best of my recollection, I told him about the property. . . ”

    Obama told one newspaper he knew Rezko was under investigation at the time he entered into a real estate deal with him. But the Washington Post said Obama told him he had no idea he knew of Rezko’s problems. ABC news found hundreds of stories in the Illinois newspaper about Rezko’s problems in the preceding 5 months before the real estate deal that there were issues with Rezko, including an editorial.

    Last fall during a nationally televised presidential debate, Sen. Barack Obama hesitantly raised his hand and joined with most of his Democratic rivals to declare that he opposed decriminalizing marijuana.

    But as a candidate for the U.S. Senate four years ago, Mr. Obama told Illinois college students that he supported eliminating criminal penalties for marijuana use or possession, according to a videotape of a little noticed debate that was obtained by The Washington Times.

    4. In a 2003 forum on health care, Mr. Obama said he supported the children of illegal aliens’ receiving the same benefits as citizens, “whether it’s medical, whether it’s in-state tuition.” Asked specifically whether he included “undocumented” people, Mr. Obama replied, “Absolutely.”

    But in a CNN debate Jan. 21, when Mr. Obama was asked whether his health care proposal covers illegal aliens, he said “no” and that he first wants to cover the U.S. citizens and legal residents without health care.

    5. In 2004, Mr. Obama told an audience at Southern Illinois University, “I think it’s time for us to end the embargo with Cuba. … It’s time for us to acknowledge that that particular policy has failed.”

    However, he stopped short of calling for an end to the embargo in a Miami Herald op-ed in August. He said he would rely on diplomacy, with a message that if a post-Fidel Castro government made democratic changes, the U.S. “is prepared to take steps to normalize relations and ease the embargo.”

    6. In an October 2003 NAACP debate, Mr. Obama said he would “vote to abolish” mandatory minimum sentences. “The mandatory minimums take too much discretion away from judges,” he said.
    6 months ago

  14. Scared said

    Obama is one of the most scary politicians to hit the American presidential races ever. He has made it so, that anything negative said about his preacher, wife, business associates , and just about any topic to speak of is racist. His wife is a racist, all her colledge thesis were wrote on the subject of her hate for whites.His business and finical ties to Tony Rezko, and Nadhmi Auchi should be front page news, but somehow our press has become bias left wing liars for the most part. If this crackpot (lipstick on a monkey face) wins the election the entire American ecomony will collapse. Steve Forbes has said that Obama’s (socialist) tax plan will surley destroy the stock market. While it would be nice to be among the filthy rich most of society dosen’t realize that their percentage of taxes keep a good part of this countries programs going. Another point I want to make is why is the AFL-CIO backing a man who wants to make it unlawful to have secret voting for unions—-I guess so any corrupt union president can stay in office or is this just the way socialist work?

  15. Sonja said

    GOP unite and defeat!

  16. Suzzanne said

    Barack Obama = death to small business. His payroll tax increase, his health care fines, his tax hikes on upper middle class citizens and increase our already extreme corporate income tax rate will cost small businesses millions, millions they cannot spend hiring new employees or increasing wages. If most of American job growth is in the small business sector, looks like we are in hard times. Makes a liberal want to vote Republican…

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