Law: OCI, Day 3, Part II (Small Law)

March 4, 2008

As I continue to attempt to finish OCI updates, I realized that I forgot to talk about one of my most unique interviews.

For this interview, a SMALL (8 lawyer) law firm came to campus looking to hire talent.  The recruiter seemed really interesting.  He pitched tons of resonsiblity for market pay and pointed out that although they are small they still have a sophisticated practice.  Then he said something I didn’t understand.  This firm of 8 lawyers was interviewing not only at HLS but at U Va, and a few others places.  This would be no big deal, except he also said they are only hiring one summer associate.  I found this odd.  I understand the desire to see candidates from all over, but if you are a small firm looking to hire because you don’t have enough associates to handle all of the work your firm has (his words, not mine) it seems strange to me that you would spend so much time interviewing. 


Anyway, I thought this one went well.  Not great, but not bad.  That said, I haven’t heard back and I think the fact that I didn’t offer any particular connection to the city was an issue for him.

I’m running out of time to find a job.  Next week = freak out time.

One more day’s worth of OCI (two more interviews) and I should be all caught up.


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