Law: Recepting – The Stretch Run

March 8, 2008

This week once again featured a full slate of receptions, only two of which I attended.  As firm reception season winds down, I really should try not to miss so many free meals.

 Reception 1: 

This reception took place at my favorite reception location – Boarder.  In addition the the casual dress code and the fact that the firm was Chicago based, the fact that tonight was a double header of my favorit places made this reception a must attend.

Location – I’ll never complain about the Boarder basement.  Lots of room, enough places to hide, and more than enough waitresses, plus the tables against the wall allow for the consumption of more food than normal since there is always something quality sitting out to be eaten.

Food – Solid. Buffalo and blackened chicken, queso, tons of different types of quesidillas, nothing to complain about here.

Drinks – Normally drinks are a standout part of Boarder.  Although this wasn’t terrible when you ask for “the nicest whiskey at the bar” and get “Jack” something is wrong.  Later I asked for Maker’s Mark by name, so I learned by lesson and all was right with the world.

Attorney Interaction:  I god nabbed by  young associate early and mentioned what office I was interested in.  When I did that, a partner from that office stepped in and talked to me for about ten minutes, almost 100% about why the other big firms in that city suck.  Odd convo.  After than, I didn’t see another firm employee from less than three feet.

Swag:  ZERO.  Nothing.  Nada.  Not even a pen.  Lame.

Reception 2: 

This reception was for a NY based financial practice at Om.

Location:  My love of Om is well documented and not worth going over again.

Food:  The best part of Om.  I didn’t see any pot stickers, but the chicken skewers were fantastic as always.  I think this firm may have actually skimped on the food some, but I was already full

Booze:  JW – Gold Label and some random high end vodka made for a solid evening.

Attorney interaction I got nabbed near the end of the night by a junior associate, but we joked about the fact that she was billing and she was fun to look at, so I had no complaints.  Also, she refrained from the sales pitch which was nice.

Swag:  Again, nothing.  What’s up with these places?


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