Law: Scorecard

March 10, 2008

If interviewing was baseball, I would have been cut long ago.  With interviews over, I think its time I summarize my interviewing score card:

December:   Big High End Chicago Firm, 4 hour interview, DING!

December:  Mid Law Chicago Firm, 2 hour screening interview, DING before the callback.

January:  Small Chicago Lit Shop, Ding because “the firm passed a policy not to hire HLS 1L’s, only Chicago and NW”

January:  Phone interview for an in house job, second interview given, was never able to make the schedule work, presumptive DING!

Early February:  State’s Attorney’s office:  Offer, still deciding.

OCI Mid Sized Michigan Firm:  DING!

OCI Midwest Firm:  Callback, decision pending (presumptively a ding given that I haven’t head).

OCI Cali Bankruptcy Shop:  DING!

OCI D.C. Firm:  No response, 100% a Ding due to excessive time between interview and now

OCI Micro Shop in a Rando City:  DING!

OCI Western Midwest Firm:  Callack Scheduled

OCI In House Gig:  Notified of callback, waiting to schedule.

If you’re keeping score at home, thats a bunch of dings, one non-paying offer, and three live paying offers, two of which I haven’t interviewed for a second time and one of which isn’t looking so good given the time that has passed.

 Wish me luck people.


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