Law: AML

March 11, 2008

Today I had a friend come to campus to tour and visit.  In addition to showing off his attactive and fun girlfriend, we walked around the campus a little and went out to dinner.  Overall, I had a great time. 

When I walked out of my Analytical Methods for Lawyers class, I looked up in a hurry to check my phone and there was by friend, standing on the stairwell leading up to the Ames courtroom.  Random.  He just randomly picked the building that my class was in.  I’m not sure how that is possible.  Anyway,when I saw him, the first thing we did was talk about how terribly boring the class I was coming out of was.  It was horrid.  I couldn’t figure out exactly how to describe it, and even thinking about it now, its tough to put into words.

It may be tough to put into words, but this is a blog, so I’m not going to be able to put it into pictures. 

This class is like…. well its like going to a major league baseball game except, except without all of the star players, home runs, great defensive plays, run scoring, and intesting strategy.  Basically, its like going to a Pirates vs. Royals game.  It costs more than seeing a Triple – A game (or in this case college course) but your getting less out of it because the players (professors) are just as bad, except they don’t know it.  This class sucks.  I walk out twice a week and go “wow, I actually did, without making his up, learn that in high school.”

Sometimes, I sit in class and play Risk on Facebook.  Sometimes I sit in class and read CNN.  Sometimes I sit in class and try to county how many different places in his waistline my professor chooses to rest his hand.  Today I decided to figure out how how I was paying per hour to listen to this guy blather on about a bunch of worthlessness that is second nature to a lot of people.  The answer:  A lot.  Even adjusting for the fact that his class is 15 minutes longer than the amount of credit hours given for it, I still pay over $35 dollars an hour.  And thats just me.  If we adjust that value to the amount of classes I go to, its more like $90 an hour.  Talk about burning money.

I’m not saying I’m not to blame.  I picked a boring class.  What I am saying, is that boring and easy at law school should still have some degree of new content given the quality of the school, the cost of tuition, and the supposed talent of the faculty.


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