Law: Callback 2

March 11, 2008

In about a half hour I am leaving to do y favorite thing – fly.  This time I am flying from Boston to Kansas City for a callback.  As many of you already know, my first callback interview did not go well.  It has been over a week and I haven’t heard back.  Their hiring committee already met, and it looks like I’m up poop creek without a paddle.  Tomorrow’s callback is with a midsized firm that is strong regionally.  I’m hoping that it goes well, but the situation does not look good.  Currently, there are two candidates from HLS, myself and one other person.  The firm will hire one of the two of us and he is from Kansas City.  I’m hoping I can interview well and swing the tide my way.  We will see.

 Anyway, as it stands now, I have this callback and another interview Friday and then my hiring cycle will be complete.  Assuming neither of those jobs come through I will send this summer working for the State’s Attorney.  Lets hope I can pull off some last second luck.


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