Law: Callback 1 (Backtracking)

March 16, 2008

Earlier this week I posted about my second callback, an interesting interview with a unique firm in Kansas City.  At the time, I was refraining from discussing my first interview because I wasn’t sure what to make of it.

This interview, with an elite Wisconsin law firm with an interesting client roster was my first attempt at a true callback.  By true callback I mean an office visit where the firm paid my trip and where the interview was a follow-up to an on campus interview.  At this point, I was 0 for 3 at turning office visits into job offers, but each of those interviews were done off my resume alone. 

I flew in early in the morning for a 2:30 interview.  This flight was my first trip on Midwest Airline, a company that I have developed a large fondness for (largely due to their large leather seats and in air food selection).  After checking into my hotel (a great hotel for the area, but one with a frustrating habit of charging for things that I would assume should be standard at a high end hotel) I unpacked, threw on the television and took a nap. 

I woke up about two and a half hours before the interview to shower/shave/iron my clothes/etc.

The interview had its ups and its downs.  I started by going to the top floor so the firm could show off their view.  Rght away I was informed that there was a change in my schedule – I would no longer be interviewing with the office’s hiring chairman and would now be interviewing with a different member of the hiring committee (a relatively junior partner). 

The first interview went well, we chatted about the Sr. Counselor’s practice and law school experience and generally entertained eachother. 

The next interview was somewhat strange – a partner selected because of his excellent practice in an area I am interested in.  The partner was nice and even me to the other side of his desk to chat with me.  We talked a lot about where I went to undergrad and my senior thesis.  The conversation did not have any lulls, but it was unusual. 

I then interviewd with my substitute interviewer, a discussion that went fairly well and that I felt good about at the time, but couldn’t quite place.  There weren’t any roblems with the interview, I just didn’t feel like there was a “click” like there was with the first interview. 

My interviews wrapped up with an interview with a junior associate that recently graduated from HLS.  He was an interesting and unique individual that was suprisingly frank – a trait I greatly appreciated.  He gave me some law school advice and didn’t hesitate to share his views over members of the HLS faculty.  He also had some useful advice about being a summer and about firm life in general.  The conversation went extremely long – about45 minutes past time, but it was atthe end of the day and I certainly wasn’t going to end the conversation. 

Overall I felt good about the interview.  At the time, I hoped to hear good news soon and thought that ther was a fairly good chance that an offer would come.  Then the long long wait for follow up contact began and I lost a lot of this confidence.


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