Law: “Callback” III

March 18, 2008

I use the term “Callback” in this post loosely because I am not sure if this term refers primarily to second interviews with law firms.  This event was my second interview with a large financial institution (one that has been getting killed by the market) for a summer internship.  Overall, the interviews went well but the experience was disappointing.  How can that be?

Well, the first interview was a lot like an interivew.  I met with a higher-up in corporate counsel’s office and she didn’t know what program exactly I was interviewing for.  We did a normal chat chat chat talk fest and I learned a lot about what the company does and the interesting opportunities that are available in-house.

Then I was taken to my second interview.  This is where things got a little odd.  We talked about baseball for the first part of the interview, then a little about college basketball.  This dominated the interview until he asked “why his company.”  I talked about an exciting program they have after graduation and how I thought it was extremely interesting.  I then took this opportunity to clarify what job I was interviewing for.  Turns out the job that I was there for and the job that was on OCS/that my on campus interviewer was talking to me about were not the same.  Lame.  This job works with the same office and can “transition” into the other opportunity (by transition I mean you can then apply for the other one, but there isn’t a significant advantage, or at least, they didn’t say there was any advantage other than people knowing your name).  Lame.  At this point, I would almost certainly consider the non-paid job over this.


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