Med: Still going…

March 25, 2008

Yup…here we are in the 3rd week of Post-ExamWeekFromHelldom, and I’m still attending class–go me. OK, so my attendance is no longer perfect, but I have legitimate excuses.

I missed Thursday afternoon’s histology lecture because I went in to work at the clinic. Of course, I SCHEDULE when I go into the clinic…and I just so happened to create a conflict with histology. Coincidence? You be the judge…and pay no attention to all of my I HATE HISTO posts from last fall.

And then I missed Friday morning–but that was legit, too. A) I had my Patient Interview Exam that afternoon and needed to get some more prep-work done & B) It was snowing. A lot. So there.

But other than those [pseudo] justified absences, I have done quite well with attendance–especially given that our days of ONLY morning or ONLY afternoon lectures are over. I even went to histology lab yesterday! For those who know me, this is a big accomplishment. As it was, only 7/24 people in our room showed up–and this was the first one.

All in all, I’m rather proud of myself–this is how learning is supposed to be. I’m going to class, reviewing at night, and getting to spend extra time NOW on things that give me trouble (rather than, say, the night before the exam). Maybe I can be a good student once again.

Today’s anatomy lecture, however, went until 5pm. I felt myself wavering a bit…but for now I’m good.


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