Med: Wow Kurz, That Was Quick

March 26, 2008

I should have seen it coming–it’s pretty much how life works. The very day after I wrote a blog post about how I’m all about going to class now, I decide to…umm…take the morning off.

My alarm went off at 8:20, and there was just NO WAY that I was going to be able to function. So i set for 12:30–yes, FOUR HOURS later–and got back in my bed. I probably would have slept longer, too, had my afternoon course not been required.

Has anyone else ever had those days when even the best intentions are derailed by your body? I felt like I just had no control over my actions this morning as I got out of bed and reset the alarm.

Just goes to show that your body WILL pay your sleep debt at some point. My sleeping problem hasn’t gone away–I’m still not falling asleep until 4am or so. I’ve just gotten VERY good at forcing myself to get up, have caffeine, and get to class. But when you’re surviving on 4-5 hours every night, you gotta expect the chickens to eventually come home to roost.


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