Law: Boooo Life

March 28, 2008

Not one of my best days.  Yesterday I got up at 6 AM to drive down to my undergrad and meet my buddy and his family while his sister toured the campus.  I wandered around and talked to them about whatever else I knew.  It was fun.  After a LONG lunch that led to me missing out on the opportunity to say a couple of hellos, I got back to campus where I saw my closest friend from undergrad for a while and then went to dinner.  After dinner I spoke to the school’s pre law club about admissions.

This morning I got up to talk to another class, then go to lunch.  Why do I tell you all of this?  On my way home my car hydroplaned and ended up in a ditch on the highway.  $80 later a tow truck pulled me out but my car was driving oddly.  What a terrible way to end a trip.  On the plus side, I made it home safely, I guess thats good.  Additionally, after I got pulled out I saw 7 more cars within two miles all in the same boat, I guess I should be thankful that I was the first and got the fastest tow. 

Clearly the trip to Milwaukee is off. 


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