Law: If I Won Elected Office, My Acceptance Speech Would Be….

March 29, 2008

I saw a chain letter today, it makes some good points.  If I were ever elected to a position where people cared what I thought, I would say something like this:

 Iraq didn’t go as planned.  I wasn’t involved in the planning but I am capable of looking at the current situation and admitting that the mission has not been accomplished.  I am not currently sure what the next step is and I understand how educated people could disagree.  What I do know is that congress is tired of paying for the war, so its done. 

There are two types of nations in this world, those that support us (I call these allies and everybody else).  Our friends list is short:  the UK, Spain, Bulgaria, Australia, Poland, and a few others.)  As for the rest of you – no more foreign aid.  The money saved by not paying governments that don’t support us will be used to pay down the debt we ran up to pay for thew war.  Want help dealing with massive domestic problems (inability to feed your people, all out civil war, disease, etc) call somebody else.  If you aren’t willing to stand behind us, we aren’t willing to pay to save you.

The funds of our nation will now be spent to help this nation.  If you believe that we should mortgage our children’s future to play “mother, nurse, and policemen” to the world, do it out of your own private funds and time.  For the Terrorist organizations around the world:  Screw with us an we will hunt you down and eliminate you and all your friends from the face of the earth.  If you want to attack some country, I suggest France.  Giventhat they are on the “everybody else” list, we won’t be standing up for them and they don’t have the stomach to stand up for themselves. 

Our North American neighbors might want to think twice also.  Canada, I didn’t see your support for us previously.  Since it will be pretty hard for us to avoid each other, why don’t you consider not making us angrier for a while.  As for Mexico (another on the not friends list), with this war over, we now have a whole bunch of tanks/aircraft/troops with nothing to do.  Instead of leaving them in the middle east to attrack treats and anger those nations, guess what we are going to do with them?  Yup, boarder security.  A simple order, anybody they ID from less than 100 feet that refuses Spanish and English commands to stop is assumed to have malicious intent.  If you want to come in, do it the old fashion way – by following the law.

 We are goingto drill for oil in Alaska. If you are an environmentalist who has a problem with the fact that a few additional years of oil independence means making some polar bears unhappy, I have a list of places you can feel free to population (flash the list of people that are no longer our friends). 

Isolationism is no longer a bad word, it just means that we are focused on our own welfare. 

This concludes the foreign policy segment of my speech rant.  Someday soon I’ll turn to domestic policy. 


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