Law: All Inclusive Job Search Debrief

April 2, 2008

A few weeks ago I posted a summary of how my OCI interviews went.  After some thought, I have decided to summarize my complete job search.  Any firm that I interviewed with at least once has been included.  First have been ranked in alphabetical order and I have included a summary of the type of interview and my result.

1.  Major Chicago Law Firm interviewed during winter break:  This was a typical “1L mass interview” session.  20 or so people from HLS with one known offer.  I didn’t get an offer.  Notified with a nice phone call saying lets get lunch this summer and saying everything but I’ll receive an offer next year.

2.  Midsize Chicago Firm during winter break:  This was a “Screening” interview.  Again this was a “bring in lots of law students then pick a few to bring back for a second round of interviews.  No second interview

3.  Lit Botique in Chicago.  Interview after break but before grades and a follow up interview.   Received a phone all saying they aren’t hiring from HLS because they don’t do OCI here but to call over summer and schedule an interview before OCI.

4.  In house position doing regulatory research for a corporation in Chicago.  Did a phone interview then failed to successfully schedule a follow up interview.  Eventually I simply notified the recruiter I was no longer interested (mostly out of frustration).

5.  State’s Atty’s office in my home county.  Phone interview and second phone interview resulted in a job offer.  When I secured an offer from a firm I notified them I was no longer interested. 

6.  Large Midwest Firm.  Interviewed during OCI, callback a few weeks later, job offer which I acceptd recently.

7.  OCI Bankruptcy botique in California.  No callback or offer.

8.  OCI tiny tiny general practice shop in Pitt.  No callback or offer.

9.  OCI large Michigan firm .  No ballback or offer.

10.  OCI Corporation for an in house summer position.  Callback and offer which I declined.

11.  OCI large (for the state) Missouri law firm. Callback and no follow up. 

12.  OCI with a DC firm with an odd but interesting practice that pays a hair below market.  No callback or offer. 

13.  Offer to apply to a top Chicago based national law firm.  Callback with an offer for the 2009 summer but no offer for 2008. 

 So that was my interview cycle.  Thoughts?


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