Law: Rush?

April 12, 2008

I was never particularly gifted at “rushing” dudes.  I did what I was supposed to – replaced myself with someone, and I helped out along the way with a few others.  Overall, I added to our size overall.

Why am I going back down greek road?  Well, today was part of admitted students weekend.  More specifically, today was the day where Harvard puts a bunch of student organizations in a room for admits to go talk to, then says “we’ll give you $20 a kid, anybody that wants to go eat with you, take them out and have fun.” 

So I stood there and talked to some people about one of my journals, played nice nice, and had a generally good time.  When it was over, we had one guy, and a friend and I took him out to eat.

Why is this awkward?  Well, for one, you have to fill several hours of converstation.  Furthermore, you have to fill this time of conversation and come up with a good way to finally end the chat.  This is much easier said than done.  After 20 minutes at the fair, a full dinner, then an hour and a half at a bar, lets just say the conversation ran a little thin.  Finally he decided to pack it in and head home.  I left shortly thereafter.

Anyway, so much for a relaxing Friday.  That much BS is a lot of work.  Hopefully I can get my reading cranked out tomorrow so I can focus on Ames the rest of the time.  Oh, and some R & R would be nice too.


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